Power of the Spoken Word


Power of the Spoken Word

Both the Vedas and the Bible tell us that the Godhead created the world using sound and so it’s important we take that lesson to heart and remember it. Sound creates!

The Brahman (not to be confused with Lord Brahma, a demi-god or one of the Hindu trilogy of Supreme Gods) stream of energy from the ultimate Godhead, Bhagavan, creates all that there is using that energy flow. It is equal to the Godhead, while streaming out of the Godhead. The sound OM or Aum is the sound made as everything comes into being. As the Godhead breathes out the sound, Creation occurs.

So sound creates. Or, let’s say it this way: the spoken word—in this case, Aum—creates. And since the word Aum is a word that comes out of the mouth of the Godhead, and we have a version of the Godhead within our hearts called the Paramatma, or Holy Spirit in Christian terms, then our words can create. Or let’s just say, our words DO create.

My husband has a line he uses all the time. “Self-fulfilling prophesy!” He uses it every time someone we know gets sick after they have been saying things like, “I always get the flu every year.” Or, if you go outside without a coat, you’ll catch a cold.” You know what I’m talking about. You’ve not only heard these words, you’ve said them, haven’t you? I did until I realized what I was doing. Thank you Gloria and Kenneth Copeland for teaching me the power of the spoken word.

But how about, “I never win.” Or, “ I’ll always be poor.” There’s a couple of dillies.

Something to think about.

The next time you open your mouth, think about what you are saying. The next time you put yourself down, think about what you are about to sentence yourself to. The next time you say, “I can’t…” look at what you have just limited yourself to. The next time you express fear about a disease and getting it, stop in your tracks and say out loud, “ No, no, I didn’t mean that. I repent. (I change my mind completely and am sorry. One word covering a lot of stuff.) What I meant was this…” and clear things up. Don’t condemn, convict, sentence, or limit yourself using your spoken words. Be very careful.

You are created from the Godstream , with God in you, and in the image of God. You have power to change your life for the good and don’t forget it.

Life and death are in your mouth. Be careful what you say. Declare yourself well, and not poor. Use your words. Change your life.

Sister A

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Let’s Get Spiritual


Let’s Get Spiritual!

As much as some of us would like to deny the fact, we all need a little spirituality in our lives.
All living creatures are composed of several layers of life. We are spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The physical layer is the last layer of our existence.
The ancient Vedic texts tell us we are achinta beda beda tattva, which means we are “simultaneously one and different.”
Hmmm…. What does that mean?

Well, it’s all physics, actually.
The Godhead is everything. All of creation and all living beings reside within the Godhead. We are part and parcel of the Ultimate, created from the Ultimate Source, but separate from It. We live off It and we are connected to It. We are One with It.

Let’s think of the Godhead as the Big Cheese, as I like to say, or as the Vedic texts term— the Bhagavan. We can visualize an Entity that is distinct and separate; a Creator who is a real, living being, separate and complete and distinguishable from all other things. A person.
That’s God.

Now, let’s imagine God, Bhagavan, decides to create. So Bhagavan imagines life in other forms and sends out thoughts, almost like us dreaming, which create other things. That would be a ‘creative energy flow’ which is part of the Bhagavan, but not all of It.

Now we know that life comes from life. For example, when my mother and father got together physically, they were able to create me, physically. So that means if Bhagavan wants to create, It must act like both male and female to do that. So Bhagavan, a single entity, must use both its female and male aspects to create. So One must become or behave like Two, thus becoming, a Godhead, rather than just a God. So the Godhead, is male and female. As the Bible says in Genesis when it talks about making Mankind in its image, both male and female.

So the creative energy comes from the Godhead, an active Entity which is using two sexual aspects to create. That is the Brahman energy. It flows like the sunshine from the sun itself, allowing life to be created wherever it goes. So the Brahman energy is an energy of creativity and it is what we are made up of, as are all the planets, and the birds, the insects, the aquatics, and the animals, every living thing. So we are One. We are achinta beda beda tattva—simultaneously One but different.

Let’s get back to physics. We are told in basic physics that everything is composed of moving particles; nothing is still, everything around us is actually not really solid, though it seems like that. It all has to do with speed.

Let’s visualize the idea of the Brahman energy of God being aimed toward a specific creative task. God wants to create a human being, or a cow, or an ant—all are done the same way.
So the Brahman energy is aimed, the pattern is in place, and the energy is applied. Then it is slowed down to a certain speed until it can be perceived materially i.e. physically. Everything is created that’s way. Actually we create our own lives around, behind and in front of us, the same way.
First: thought
Second: format
Third: action of energy
Fourth: creation of materiality
Or as Ben says, “The Energy of thought Creates.”
He finishes that with “Remove the Energy of thought and there is no Creation. This works for both negative and positive things.”
Something to contemplate if you wish to change your life.

It’s important to remember here that a life form has multiple layers as we mentioned before, so the Brahman energy first must break a spark off of Itself to form our spiritual core or Soul. Then it slows down its molecular speed a little to form our mental layer, then a little more to form our emotional layer and then finally a little more to form our physical layer. All of these are wrapped around our Soul.

Now once the creation has been created, it needs to spark into life. The Bible says in Genesis that God took clay and formed the shape of a man—so He did what we said above, slowing down the Brahman energy into a pliable form—a clay or ‘malleable substance’—and then He breathed the breath of life into him, and man became a living being. So, God breathes Prana or Living Air into us, and we become alive. Then the Godhead, puts a little replica of Itself into our hearts, right beside our Soul—or eternal spiritual spark—and leaves it there with us to go on our spiritual journey as a Watcher and Advisor.

When our physical body dies, our eternal living soul (or atma) and our Watcher (Supersoul or Paramatma) leave together and move on to a different physicality. This continues until we reach a level of advancement that allows us to go back to our Source, the Godhead, where we retain our form and get to hang out with the Big Cheese. So, our Spiritual aspect is everything. Without it, we are nothing.

So, it’s time to start thinking of yourself as a Spiritual Being, first, and a Material being, second.
In this New Year, take time to connect with your Supersoul. Seek wisdom and get in touch with your Watcher. Start talking to your own personal aspect of God who is tucked inside your own heart. Your Personal God is there waiting for you. The Wisdom of the Godhead is inside you, ready to be tapped into. Everything you ever wanted to know is inside the Library of your Heart.
It’s time to get a Heart Library Card and connect with God.
Let’s get spiritual!

Sister Abhidheya

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Living Life To The Fullest

Living Life To the Fullest


Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I guess the ‘love’ part comes from the whole tradition of the holiday: the Christmas lights, the music, the movies, the beauty of snow and ice—of course where I live now rarely gets that part—and the magic of the season in general. The “hate” part comes from loss of family and friends. It’s a time of missing loved ones, just as so many others do.
As a child, my most favourite part was the presents. I knew I was going to get at least one new Nancy Drew book, and I would read it within a few days and add it to my collection. I was and still am an avid reader. I was thinking about that, the other day. My love for Nancy Drew mysteries, and, of course, the other famous one of the time, the Hardy Boys—plus I remember there were other mysteries, too—were what got me to where I am today as an author and editor. I guess I have my mother, and her encouragement of reading and writing, to thank for my career.
I was watching one of my favourite Christmas movies yesterday, Queen Latifah’s “Last Holiday” and thinking about the many lessons the movie shares; the most important being to live life fully and without fear.
How many people do the exact opposite through their life? I think I did that for years. I have another friend who is doing it right now. This person is desperately afraid of their future and desperately tired of their present. But they are too fearful to release their present and have a chance to find a better future for themselves.
It isn’t until the main character of the movie is faced with her own immediate death that she grabs life completely and jumps into the unknown abyss, only to come up with everything she could ever have wanted.

I CAN FLY! Silhouette of Young Boy Cliff Diving

How many of us are like that? How many of us spend our lives walking the safe road, working jobs we hate so we will get a pension, staying married to someone who makes us feel lousy, doing the same things everyday just because that’s how we have always done it; even eating the same foods because we are used to them?
Was that how you felt when you first started out? Was that what you thought life would be like?
Do you remember when the idea of getting up everyday was thrilling? There were infinite possibilities for every single day and you never knew what they might be.
I remember that time. I was in my twenties and single. I could choose to do anything on the weekends. Anything at all. Nothing hung over my head like a guillotine and I had no fears. My weekends were filled with adventure and meeting new people and doing new things.
Then married life came along.
Married life has certain expectations. But when you look at those expectations really closely, you will see that married life is really no different than single life. There were bills to pay, shopping to be done, people to hang out with and all the same things then. But, with married life, we take the expectations of generations and layer them on top of ourselves and come up with a different lifestyle. The “settled down” life.
What does that mean?
Well, it seems to mean, you work your butt off all week and then do all the rest of the things, you didn’t have time to do during the week, on the weekend. So much for any fun. So much for any opportunity for adventure. So much for any newness of life.
And fear plays a huge role.
We become fearful of the idea of change. We sit within the fear of “if I don’t get this done, then this other thing might happen” and so we never try anything new.
When I was a child, my dad wasn’t much of a church goer, but he insisted we go somewhere every weekend and see something new. Often it was just a drive down the road to a historic site. Back in Ontario, there are tons of historic sites. It was a wonderful way to grow up.
Dad was also big on taking us out in the snow, toboggan rides, going fishing, and just being out in nature anytime of the year.
Somehow, in the last forty years of my life, I have lost some of that. Married life hasn’t been easy—it should always be thought of as a “work in progress”—and we have both often forgotten the thrill of new things. But this time, after six, going on seven years, of physical upsets for both of us, I’m going to make a concerted effort to mix it up a lot more. I have reclaimed more of myself, lately, than I have in years.
It’s funny how when life throws us a wrench or two, we sometimes forget who we were before things started hitting the fan. So it’s important to sit down and think about what you were up to before the waters got so choppy.

img_3275 The Godhead doesn’t want us stuck in a rut. The Godhead wants us to grab life with enthusiasm and embrace it and run with it.

Here’s what God has to say.
“When you forget who you are, a child of the Living God, and you embrace only the “mental” side of life, with all its emotional upsets and fears, you lose the opportunity to embrace the “physical” Eden side.
Eden was once a place, of course. It was the new place where new life started. Maybe not quite as it is thought of today. But grabbing the Eden Life means learning to explore each day as if it is all new and exciting and wonderful and you are the First Man or the First Woman to ever see it.
If you sit in fear, you cover your possibilities. In that way, you block yourself from your true humanity and any real growth. The stories of First Man and First Woman are also stories of loss. The loss of connection to the Godhead. When you learn to trust, to reach out your hand to God and walk with your Creator, everyday, you learn to live life fully.
Trust in God. Trust in the protection of the Holy Spirit. For The Godhead is inside each and every one of you. You are never alone. So don’t be afraid. We will always be with you. Even unto and beyond your death. We are your best friend.”


Ben and Sister Abhidheya

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Seek the Light


When the lights go out, and we get caught up in our dreams, then the worlds begin their war. Material or spiritual, which shall be supreme?
If you have spent your day lost in thoughts of God only, you will never lose track of who God is—of what is important and who is the All in All—and so in the darkness, your mind will only seek the Light.
But if you have spent your day in the chaos and confusion of the material world, in the often dark and destructive politic of society, when the material light is extinguished, your mind will be led astray. Then you will find yourself lost in spirals of nonsense, of despair and fear, of the bizarre and the senseless.
How imperative it is then, to seek the Light which is true and eternal during the sun’s reign in this world, in order to maintain one’s soul’s sanity when the moon is overhead.
Seek the Light of God and be consoled by Peace, no matter what the clock says.
Be at Peace in the Light and stability of God.


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Proverbs For a New Day: 76 to 80

Proverb LXXVI
Believe Me, for I Am your God. Believe Me, for I Am your salvation. Believe Me, for I Am your healing. I Am Love. I Am your deliverance. Believe Me.

Proverb LXXVII
If the song of God is faint in your ears, tune in more carefully. Silence the chatter and chaos around you. Tune in to the melodies of heaven. Hear the songs of the Angels in your soul’s ears. Hear the voices of the heavenly host praising the Lord for their salvation and yours. Join in their choruses. Sing to the Lord!

I shall speak to thee through the songs of the Angels. Listen to their voices, listen to the heavenly choirs as they echo the praises of all living creatures through the eons of time; through timelessness to the eternal. You are of the eternal world. Do not forget that. Seek the forever life. Practise now in the present, where time ticks around you like raindrops in a bowl. Do not be afraid, for the sound stops on the forever, not the finite.

Proverb LXXIX
Stop and listen! The Angels are singing. Great choruses of Angels sing out the glory of the Lord. In the heavens, there are Angels who never stop praising and glorifying God. All day long, they sing and shout, “Alleluia to The Lord!”
But what of mankind? What of men? How quiet are their voices. How meagre is their praise. Man has forgotten his Creator lives, and continues to create more and more possibilities in the lives of all beings.
Let us join with the Angels. Let us shout out our praises to God! Let us remember Him with our loving songs and praise. For He is our Forever Loving Lord!

Proverb LXXX
The glory of the Lord will shine upon you and bring light into the darkness of the world when all the Children of God unite and praise the name of the Lord. Let praise be on our lips. Let praise be in our eyes. Let praise and thanksgiving be the joy of each new day. Praise the Lord!


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Proverbs For A New Day: 71 -75


Proverbs For A New Day: LXXI – LXXV

LXXI: Your voice echoes like a song in my heart, a song of love and devotion. You lead me to worship. You lead me to prayer. Do not forget me, oh Lord. Do not leave me troubled and alone. Forget me not.

LXXII: The sound of the Lord’s voice calls to me like a gentle beckoning of the shepherd. I am the lamb. I am the lost. Hear the voice of God as He calls to you through the wilderness of your mind. Be still and let the sound of His voice bring comfort and peace to your thoughts. For God will lead you home.

LXXIII: Be still and know the voice of the Master. Listen to the wisdom of the Eternal Father. Take time every day to seek that voice with an open and loving heart. For God is a good God. He will comfort your soul in its fear.

LXXIV: Sit in quiet contemplation in the morning. Seek the Voice and Word of the Lord within your heart. Listen with ears of gratefulness to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. Relax your soul. Relax your mind. Brush away the clutter of the day. Fear not, your answers will be given to you. For the Lord of All has many ways to share which will ease your troubled heart.

LXXV: I AM the Bread of Life. I AM the Wisdom of the Ages. I AM the Life Eternal. I AM the Gentleness Within your Heart. Seek the Lord of All. Seek His favour and grace. Humble yourself to His Ways.




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On Keeping One’s Word: Promises


            During the light of day, when all the world seems alive and vibrant, the soul of a man sees less reason to cry out in fear. Needs and wants are less overwhelming. Obstacles seem overcomable.

            Promises may drift away in the beams of the sunlight. Promises to friends, to self, even promises to God.

            It is easy to forget promises made in the distraction of sunlight and activity. When the music is vibrant and the dance contagious, a promise made—perhaps in haste—seems small and of little importance compared to the moment’s vivacity.

            But when darkness falls, and you are alone with your thoughts, the weight of a promise can crush your heart and take your breath away.

            A promise given, a handshake agreement, a word or two guaranteeing an act, these are all sacred oaths. They must never be forgotten or ignored.

            For we fracture our heart when we do not stand on our word. A promise broken is like the ground cracking beneath one’s feet. Foundations lost and crumbling. Sink holes consuming a moral and ethical code.

            Do not make light of a promise given. For it is a sacred trust linking two hearts and it must never be taken lightly.



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Proverbs For A New Day: 66 – 70


Proverbs For A New Day: LXVI – LXX

LXVI: When the dark wind blows across the plains, men’s hearts feel the shiver of fear ripple through them. Unless God is so large within their hearts they have only joy and strength occupying that space. Rejoice in the Lord and He will buffer the wind of darkness. Let Him be your armour.

LXVII: Blessed are they who stop, and sit, and listen for the voice of the Lord within their hearts. Blessed are they who listen to God’s instructions before they act. For theirs will always be the path of truth and sinlessness. They will be God’s true children.

LXVIII: For the Lord is my shepherd, my guide in times of trouble. He is my rock and my salvation. My protection from the cold. My voice of reason in times of trouble. Blessed be the Lord. Let me give Him all gratitude and all devotion. He is the God of my heart. The God of my soul.

LXIX: Joyful is the Lord when the children of God praise His name. Joyful is the Lord when the people of the world unite in His causes of Peace and Love. Joyful is the Lord when His beloved ones return to His embrace and return His love and Blessing. Joyful is the Lord when His people remember Him.

LXX: For we are His beloved children. Not lost forever. Not astray in darkness. Not wandering in an endless abyss. We are the children of our God, and His Love for us is real. He asks only that we praise His Holy Name. That we soak in His Blessing and favour. That we do not reject His affection, but open our hearts to His Love and caring. For He is our eternal Lord.




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Proverbs For A New Day: 61-65


Proverbs For A New Day: LXI – LXV

LXI: Spend time each day in consultation with the Lord. Unite your heart and mind in prayer with God. For the Holy Spirit longs to hear your voice, and feel your love for Him. Lock your consciousness with the mind of God.

LXII: It is during prayer that you will determine God’s plans for you. Prayer is conversation with God. Talk to the Lord. Reveal your mind. Be not afraid to speak with honesty, and be forthright. For the Lord knows your thoughts before you speak them. The Lord knows your heartbreaks and your joys. Speak your joys and sorrows to God. Offer Him the gift of your trust.

LXIII: All the world questions how to pray, but prayer is simply consultation and conversation with the Godhead. When you express your needs and desires, offer your love and gratitude, and praise the Blessings given to you by your Parents in Heaven, you open yourself to the wonder of God’s love. Be Blessed in prayer. Open your mind to the thoughts of God.

LXIV: I have waited upon You, my Lord. I have waited upon Your Words. I have yearned for Your answers, Your gifts of speech and guidance. Speak freely with the Lord. Speak His will. Understand His desires. Follow His precepts. Surrender to His lead. Be not afraid. Be of good cheer, for the Lord is your Shepherd.

LXV: At first rise of dawning, pray to the Lord. At noon, when the sun soars directly above the Earth, pray to the Lord. When day darkens into twilight, pray to the Lord. When the night sky disappears into inky blackness decorated with crystal lights, pray to the Lord. For the Lord watches your every waking moment and yearns for your conversation. The Lord is earnest with desire for you to share your life, your joys and sorrows, your fears and concerns, your needs, wants and especially your dreams. For God dreamed, and the Worlds and Universes came into being. God longs for you to let Him help to bring your dreams to life.




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Proverbs For A New Day: 56 to 60


Proverbs For A New Day: LVI – LX

LVI: And the Lord will make known to you His Love and Blessing. He will bestow kindness and mercy on all who remember Him with affection in their hearts. For God is a loving Father and His Love never ends.

LVII: To embrace poverty, one must turn away from the gifts of God. For the Lord bestows blessings of prosperity on those who love Him. The Lord does not take away. The Lord provides. The god of confusion and darkness befuddles the mind into the belief that poverty must be embraced. Simplicity may be welcomed and sought, but not poverty, for poverty is a curse. And the Lord of Light must never be confused with the lord of the curse.

LVIII: Do not let the wheels of life grind to a halt with sorrow and remorse upon your brow. Release the pain and enter the grace of God’s forgiveness. Enter the grace of God’s love.

LVIX: The waters of God will not quench the thirst of the wicked, nor those who scoff or pass judgment. Only those who walk in a place of compassion for all, both fallen and wise, will be able to detect the waters of God.

LX: Be kind in speech and manner to those who suffer in neglect. Be compassionate of heart to those who struggle under Nature’s hand. Pour forth the gentle love of God from your heart and give it freely to all who are in need. Share the wisdom and love of the Godhead with all. For it is the first commandment.



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