Who or What is the Godhead

Every person on the Earth feels or has a sense that they are not alone. At one time or another, every individual becomes aware of a sense of futility or powerlessness in the face of much larger forces. At those times, it is instinctive to reach out to something anticipated as being geater than oneself. As a community, the members of various societies in the past have come together and through the union of their collective thoughts, produced an image or images of what or who that greater entity might be.

Each race, and its sub-groups or tribes, have envisioned their worshipable Godhead in ways often reflective of their own appearance and reflecting their own characteristics, both necessary and desired. Thus a tribe of warriors would imagine their Godhead as brave, strong and fearless, and skilled with the weapons of their own society. Depending on the community, these warriors may be of one or both sexes and so if we glance over the various cultures of the planet, we will see Gods and Goddesses who fit those roles. Healing societies sought greater healers. Musical and cultural ones placed the ultimate singers, story tellers and artists at their helm.

As we climb up each ladder from the Earth group to the hierarchical overseer, we can begin to see certain similar characteristics. The Godhead most often consists of a Chief Male or Father entity, a Chief Female or Mother entity and then a Child or Children who may or may not be sacrificed, at some time, for the greater good of the people worshipping them. These children usually return in some form and reveal their immortality to teach the mortal beings lessons of a spiritual, physical, emotional or mental nature.

The last member of the Godhead is also acknowledged in many societies as the Invisible God/Companion residing within the heart of the mortal entity. This Individual is a special gift of the Godhead as a whole, to help the living being find its way through the ups and downs of life and achieve success.This Being also can imbue the mortal counterpart with its power of healing and wisdom for the price of simply asking.

So…are all these Godheads figments of the imaginations of the human being? Or is there validity to these beliefs?

The Godhead is most definitely real and as diverse in its presentation and abilities as the individual involved requires. God is truly there. The Goddess is truly real. The child, whether Son or Daughter, is truly real! And the One who Guides from Within, is most certainly within.

Depending on your race or tribe, society or culture, you may know and call the Male/God Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Vishnu, the Green Man or by many other names or forms.

The Ultimate Female Goddess might be called Sophia, Lakshmi, Shakti, the White Lady, Bridgid, Quan Yin or ? If you see Her in your mind as the ultimate, call Her by what seems right to you. The child may be Jesus or Lord Chaitanya, Horus or Persephone or others. And the Spirit within may be called The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, Paramatma or…as I like to call Him…Ben.

Sister Abhidheya




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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