Strife: A Tool of Darkness

How many times have you wanted to do something in your life and someone important to you has said, “No.”

How does that make you feel?

How does that make you feel.

Strife or disagreement is one of the greatest tools of darkness. It is the heading for such a huge list of topics that it would take pages to record them all.

Murder, mayhem, chaos, death, destruction, fighting, war, poverty, economic loss, disillusionment, illness, disease, sorrow, and despair can all at one time or another find their roots in strife. Whether it be internal or external, it is a devious interference.

What would the world be like without ‘strife’?

War would cease. No more murders. No poverty or loss. Accidents of Nature would have calmed down because the energy coming off Mankind would be one of peace and harmony and so Man’s ongoing care of the world, the Garden of Creation, would be peaceful and nurturing. And the Earth would stop trying to kill the gnat on her back and settle down into her own role of providing a place of comfort for those her call her Home.

The Garden would grow. There would be food aplenty. Nature would feel loved and embraced rather than hated, mutilated and exploited.

To stop the destructive forces of ‘strife’ in the world, one must first stop and squelch those forces within one’s own Self. If peace is to reign ‘externally’, it must first be the sovereign ‘internally’ so that the energy of peace within can flow outward.

When looking around at today’s world and its communities, it is obvious that internal personal strife is rampant. Murder and private crimes are on the rise in every community except those who work toward helping the individual find some sense of inner satisfaction and of being nurtured by their fellows.

The Age of Kali, as the Vedas outline, is in full bloom and Mankind is watering its blossom.

            But it can be stopped easily with a word or a thought.

Reading peaceful topics, absorbing spiritual writings and scriptures and meditating on those words or visions of the Godhead are all tools to soothe a weary heart and nurture the Spirit and Soul.

It is up to Mankind, as the Caretakers of this world, to start taking responsibility for every thought, word and action, for the power of these things is either as destructive as an atom bomb or as soothing as a mother’s first kiss.

It is up to you to decide your own fate.

Will it be ‘strife’ or will it be ‘love’. You choose.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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