The God Factor

So many people in the world are pious, spiritual and very religious. They are truly good and loving individuals. But their downfall is their religiosity i.e. their dogmatic beliefs, their rule book

            When one is fearful of breaking the rules, one never relaxes, and as you know, fear is a huge stumbling block on the road to the Godhead.

            Fear clouds the heart, the place where God lives within the created beings, and from where God speaks to you.

            Those who live in fear of doing even the slightest thing incorrectly or out of order, forget the most important insert in their lives, the ‘God factor’. The ‘God factor’ is basic.  The ‘God factor’ is Grace. It is that which allows you to miss the morning worship program (religion) in favour of prayer and talking to God in your heart.

            One must always remember that religion/religious practice is in place to assist one on the road to God. It is not God itself. So many individuals confuse that issue on a daily basis. Not saying your prayers in the so called correct order or not saying them the correct number of times, does not disqualify you from heaven in God’s eyes, only in Man’s. Religious practice can be a shelter or a storm. You choose. Remember your goal is the Godhead not the path that gets you there.

            God will always welcome the true believer even if he or she leaves out a few man made rules along the way or misses a couple of steps. No one is perfect. God knows that and that is why the ‘God factor’ exists. The ‘God factor’ is Grace, the ultimate virtue, the Grace of God. Mankind must learn to reflect that virtue by learning to be Gracious. When Humans walk in grace and reflect graciousness and act graciously, it will be obvious to one and all what is truly important.

            Only then will God’s Creation be at peace.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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