Virtue: The Essence of the Godhead

Luke 6:19

And the whole multitude sought to touch Him: and there went virtue out of Him and He healed them all.


            I have read that verse so many times and never seen the true equation. Then one day, it just hit me, Jesus healed with Virtue. And if He healed with Virtue and that was the energy of God, then that means God’s essence is Virtue. Wow! So I spoke to Ben and asked Him for a little more. This is what He said. Note: Although this piece was clearly and distinctly dictated to me from Ben, the Holy Spirit or Paramatma, it was given from a human perspective.     Sister Abhidheya



When was the last time you spoke virtuously? When was the last time you heard or saw Virtue coming toward your ears or eyes?

            Our world appears to be anything but Virtuous these days. It is more like an accident waiting to happen or a train wreck already finished. The people of our world speak with foul language, both to each other, and certainly our youth, through much of their music’s lyrics. Virtue seems to be in short supply, along with health and prosperity.

            Could there be a link?

            We have gotten caught up in the technicalities of religion rather than the heart of it, and as a result, many have turned away from religiosity and its rules. We are more concerned with following those rules or precepts rather than the ideas behind them. If our religion tells us we must pray every morning at a certain time and pray certain prayers or we will be lost, perhaps instead of running away, we should examine what that practice is really trying to teach us.

            Maybe it was intended to teach us to immerse ourselves in the worship of the Godhead early in our day upon rising, so that we can start with a personal or community connection to God, before the rest of life gets in the way and causes us to get off to a bad start or on the wrong foot.

            If we examine our chosen tradition in that light, we may start to understand and then perhaps Virtue may begin to filter into that space and time, too, not just by accident, but with true deliberation.

            God is Virtue. Virtue is God.

            How much less of God’s people are we if we don’t reflect His essence? The answer is we are not God’s people if Virtue is something that rarely shines forth from us.

            Virtue is healing. Healing is Virtue.

            The cellular essence of Virtue, both naturally and supernaturally, will heal not only you but all those around you. It is the very essence of God’s love.

            Its ultimate manifestation is Grace and we practise it by being Gracious. Graciousness is, therefore, the composite of all of God’s love.

            The aura of the purely Gracious Being is Divine White.

            Virtue keeps us from fragmenting. Virtue is the glue that keeps us within our bodies. Virtue is the food that keeps our soul alive.

            What if we talked with God constantly, instead of at Him, or ignoring Him completely? What if we exchanged thoughts with Him over every little aspect of our day; or if we leaned into Him and felt His energy going through us?

We would feel ourselves floating in gentleness and kindness; in essence we would be floating in Love.

            What if during that Loving experience we were asked a question? How could we respond to that question and still maintain that floating Love feeling? The answer is simple, by responding in Virtue, with Grace and Kindness; anything else would immediately bring us out of that Loving embrace and back into the world.

             So the essence of God’s Love is Virtue. And…that ultimate Virtue is Graciousness. There is no fear in Graciousness. There is no anger and no hostility of any kind. There is only Kindness. There are only twinkling eyes, compassionate touches and gentle sounds.

            Nothing is abrupt. There are no sharp angular corners in Virtue; it is soft and rounded and soothing to the eyes, ears and heart.

            There is no evil in Virtue; no torment, no persecution, no judgment—no death; for even if our body should die, the essence of our soul, Virtue, will keep our soul alive and it will seek its source, our Creator, like metal seeks a magnet.

            How can we be attached to that magnet all day long? How can we feel God’s Love tightly woven throughout our being and our day?

            By simply being Virtuous.

            Virtue is the answer. Virtue is the goal. Virtue is the Source. Virtue is the whole.

            God is Virtue.

            As God’s children, let us walk every moment of our lives in Virtue, and Graciousness, and Virtue will pass through us and Virtue will go out of us. The result will be that we will be healed, and all those around us will be as well.

           And then the verse will read…and there went Virtue out of [them], and [they] healed them all, [even themselves].


            Sister Abhidheya, as dictated by Ben



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4 Responses to Virtue: The Essence of the Godhead

  1. Kelly says:

    I am profoundly moved. For someone who has been studying Virtues for almost two decades, I am deepened in my understanding of the spiritual reality of Virtue. The work I do is even more meaningful now. Thank you. This is a piece I will read time and again.
    Kelly Monjazeb~ Virtues Project Master Facilitator

  2. Thank you Kelly. I know and love your work. It is inspiring to me to hear your words and makes me realize how important it is that I share the thoughts of the Divine as they are presented to me. Namaste. SA

  3. Zara Gamage-Cody says:

    Peace and calmness spread throughout my body as I read this posting. Virtues are so simple and powerful; they seem to have slipped out of most peoples’ language and behaviour. I have posted the virtues lists, from the Virtues Project, on my fridge so I can start identifying, naming and acknowledging virtuous behaviors and language in others and myself.
    Thank you Ben for your words, and blessings to you SA always
    Zara Gamage-Cody

  4. Thankyou Zara. Namaste. SA

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