A New World

This was dictated to me on July 13. When I questioned Ben regarding the term ‘new world’, which he used in the first sentence, this is what he said, “What you live in right now is an underworld”.  Sure seems that way sometimes. Something to think about.

Sister Abhidheya

Friday July 13, 2012

            When the new world comes into being, and mankind finally knows what his place should be, everything around you will change. Cities will look different. The air will feel different. Families will be cohesive clans again, with love in their hearts for each other.

            As the planet groans and moans in this birthing stage—yes, birthing stage, not dying stage—the old ties to former ways are beginning to fall off, like a baby disconnecting from its mother detaches from its umbilical cord.

            You are one of many who are beginning to hear the voice of their Creator from within them and learning to commune with the super-natural once again.

            Yes, you are coming into a new age, this age of Aquarius, this age of Peace, an age of Prosperity, a new Mayan calendar, a new time of Gaia.

            The old guard is falling away. The old systems are eroding. The majority of the people have suffered long enough under the hands of un-righteousness and they welcome peace, prosperity and an end to hardship.

            It is time to teach new ways of living. Yes, it is time to build a New Eden, one where you walk willingly with understanding and humility for your Creator.

            The New Eden is just outside your door.



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