The Three Monkeys


       How important it is that one ‘see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil’, for ‘Monkey see, Monkey do.’ One could just as easily say Monkey hears, Monkey thinks or Monkey speaks. This precept is concerned with making one’s life blessed and healthy, rather than cursed and unhealthy.

      In the present day and age, almost everyone is being bombarded with visual and audio stimuli that are less than wholesome, less than healthy. As a result, many reflect those immoral and unhealthy ways in their own lives. With television ads about illness, movies and TV shows about violence and sex, coarse music and words bombarding the population’s ears and videos shocking one’s visual senses—many in the form of pornographic or violent images—the chance to avoid hearing or seeing evil comes only when one turns off the source.

      Access to negativity is now, literally, a second away, as the population carries their high tech phones and tablets everywhere and technology accompanies the individual like an unholy spirit.

      As Children from Heaven, you are supposed to be listening to God in your hearts and walking with the voice of God in your souls’ ears, but it seems the other side has plastered the air and eye ways with the Unholy Spirit. And so the golum of man—man’s corporeal body—carries in his and her hand the voice of that which is much less than pure.

      It is almost impossible to avoid seeing and hearing evil if it is everywhere. And if you are to speak no evil, you must find another source to fuel your soul and its resulting expression. If you are to survive this age, survive the onslaught of darkness manifest in a million ways around you, you must seek this other source—the source of loving compassion—to fuel your hearts, and thus keep them strong and whole.

      Remember if you decide to throw out the religionist judgment of tradition, don’t throw out the Godhead as well, for you need God in your hearts to survive, especially nowadays. Seek the silence. Seek peace. Seek nature: a peaceful quiet place where you can commune with a gentle Supernatural. These are the places where you will find the Godhead, in the quiet of nature.

      Fill your heart with peace and peace will come out of you. Fill your eyes and ears with harmony and virtue, and virtue and harmony will radiate from your very being: God’s virtue which will heal you and everyone and everything around you.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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