The Tool of Prayer

Sister Abhidheya: What is prayer and why should a person pray?

Ben: Prayer is communication with the Creator Family/Godhead in a positive way. There is a certain process that is most effective.

1) Begin with praise to get the attention of the Godhead.

2) State your faith belief (i.e. I believe …) to set up the situation and start the ball rolling.

3) Speak words of foundational scripture over the situation (like a lawyer offering precedents to a judge or jury) to compound and validate your points.

4) State the outcome of positivity that you are believing for because of those previous stated scriptural references, and declare that your results are received and you take those results unto yourself.

So…what is prayer? All the above plus a setting into place of a ‘positive frequency of vibrational energy’ on a ‘supernatural level’ which then affects a physical etc. situation at a ‘natural level’.

The more people praying in the above way—making intercession i.e. knocking the negative results out of the way and allowing only positive ones to exist and come throughthe more quickly a situation can and will resolve itself on a positive level, if:

1) you are consistent and

2) you do not waver in your belief.

But…remember, the prayer of one fervent believer can outdo, conquer or defeat an army of a thousand demons.

Why should a person pray? To keep in contact with the Godhead and re-affirm one’s position in relation to that Being. By praying, one acknowledges that the individual believes in God and also that they are willing to talk to and listen to God.

 The next step is to do what God asks you to do. That, of course, is the hard part, as you well know.

God hears the love being directed toward the Godhead. God loves all of Creation and all those whom the Godhead has created.

It is up to you, the Created Being, to seek out re-establishing a connection. There are many of you, many who do not even acknowledge the Godhead’s existence. We are very joyful when you tell Us you are grateful and you love Us, then we can pour Our Love out upon you.

But, you must trust and have faith that We will give you your answers according to the Blessing we have outlined for you. It is our desire that you live in peace, health and prosperity and We will fulfill our part, if you will do yours.

Peace to you all,



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