The Fire of God

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not, for I am with thee…Be not [afraid] for I am thy God.”

          Throughout the Bible and most scriptures on the planet, you will find those words or words like them.

          Long ago, in the dawning of the age, God could speak to Man just as if He was standing beside him. But now, as our ears have become attuned to other voices, our eyes focused on other things, and our hearts clouded with despair, worry or fear, we have lost touch with our own Creator and no longer seem to be able to hear His voice.

          It is so difficult in the hustle and bustle of life, to hear God speak to us, even though the Vedas of ancient India tell us He lives in our hearts, like a companion; always there, always watching, always ready to advise.

          He is our friend and wants only the best for us.

          The New Testament describes the Holy Spirit’s descent onto the disciples of Jesus at Pentecost, as Tongues of Fire coming down upon them, filling them with the Baptism of that Fire, just as the ancient Fire Sacrifice—which is still practised everywhere in the Vedic lineages—activates and awakens the devotee who is dedicating themself to God, to that same Watcher within; initiating the devotee to the accessibility of that Entity to be able to fill their every need, whether spiritual or material.

          When that event occurs, God within can connect with the energy of God without and kindle new inspirations and opportunities for knowledge, physical health, healing and well-being, and fortuitous events and monetary comforts which mimic the past-times of the Godhead when They walk upon the earth. For the Godhead seeks its own. The Godhead’s energy seeks and creates its own and builds its own up. Such is the nature of the Blessing of God.

          Although Man’s material nature is less than perfection, in that it is composed of a slightly different energy of God than God Himself, when the Holy Spirit, Paramatma or the Watcher Within comes to life through the Fire of one’s dedication, then there is no stopping what it can do in one’s life.

          Life can be sweet. Life can be a complete Blessing. But one must choose to believe, in order to receive.

          Open your eyes and ears to the Godhead. Listen to that still, soft voice of comfort and knowledge that comes from within your heart.

          Ask the Godhead to awaken in you today. Ask to hear Its Voice.

          Simply dedicate yourself to God’s work, to God’s world. Reach out and strive toward a life of Virtue. Reach for the Peace. Become the Peace. Become the Stillness.

          Let the Fire of God shine forth from your heart.





About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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One Response to The Fire of God

  1. Zara Gamage-Cody says:

    Hi sister A,
    Just spent time(how long??? time flies..) re reading present and past postings. Hmmmm blessings

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