A Prayer for Today


Holy Father, Spirit who is within me, Pray for my soul.

Create in me a clean heart

And renew your Holy Spirit within me.

For I have slipped off the path.

It was just for a moment … but I fell.

For a moment … I lost my way.

And in that second, the darkness moved in and encircled

And the fight began anew.


Holy Brother, Son who is within,

Give me strength and courage

To win this battle.

To be refreshed by You and Your energy.

To use Your Word as my sword and shield and to not be afraid to “swing away”— if necessary.


Stand beside me, oh Lord.

Stand behind me, O Holy One.

Stand before me, Oh my Father, when I am weary.

And give me strength to fight, though my knees may shake.

Give me courage to battle, though my heart may sorrow.

Give me vigor for the journey, though my mind may fear.

Lord God of all, hear my prayer,

And arm me with the truth

So that I may walk all the days of my life

In your safety.

Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.


Sister Abhidheya




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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2 Responses to A Prayer for Today

  1. I was able to find good advice from your blog posts.

    • Dear Friend, I am so very glad that you found advice in these posts. Sometimes I am amazed at the information that comes through. I hope you will continue to read them. Asalaam Alaykum, Sister Abhidheya

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