Where the Spirit Lives


         Years ago there was a movie produced entitled, “Where the Spirit Lives”. It was about aboriginal children taken from their homes in Canada and put in residential schools, and the story of one girl’s quest and that of her family, to return her to her homeland, because the place where she had been taken was not where her spirit could thrive.

         As I read a little passage in Gloria Copeland’s mini book Harvest of Health this morning (see www.kcm.org to obtain a copy), Ben made me stop and re-read it over and over. This is the quote: “You see, your heart is actually your spirit. Its capacity is unlimited. You can plant as much seed in your heart as you have hours in a day.”

         I read and re-read those lines as Ben showed me a vision of scriptural Word being siphoned into my heart like water being poured into a balloon. As the Word went in, the balloon grew, filling my whole body and then expanding to beyond the boundaries of my physical form. He next showed me the Word not going in; nothing spiritual going in at all and the balloon shrank down until it was just a tiny speck inside me.

        If we take a moment and ponder the events of the world, it’s pretty easy to understand what may very well be going on in society. Yesterday, a man started shooting in the Clackamus Town Center mall, south of Portland, Oregon. He shot off 40 to 60 rounds of ammunition, killing and injuring several before finally turning the gun on himself. Whatever would possess an individual to do this? Well, that is just what happened, possession, whether you wish to believe it or not.

         There is evil in our world; not just in the movies and on the television, but out there circling around and among us. God and prayer have been taken out of the schools, the workplace and judicial proceedings and every year, it is a fight to declare Christmas a religious ( not just cultural) holiday along with Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Pancha Ganapati, Yule celebrations and many others. But God is in those events and should be in those places, and we need Him; we need His help to survive this world and its terrors. If we don’t start acknowledging that, the darkness will continue to spread.

         The only way to defeat darkness is with Light. If our spirit-balloons are to grow and radiate that Light out of us, we must fill them with something Divine. If they are full of darkness, they will do as the darkness desires: kill, steal and destroy. The darkness does not need a body after it has accomplished its task; hence the shooter yesterday killing himself when his personal war was over.

         We have seen a rash of suicides lately, where individuals have been tormented by others and have chosen to take their own lives rather than deal with the circumstances around them. The darkness wins again.

         Years ago, a young individual in my care, said they could hear voices telling them to injure themself, crash their vehicle or do other destructive things. They asked me, “Who are they? What should I do?”

         I replied, “They are Demons! As soon as you hear them, tell them to F-off!” And so my ward did, and the voices stopped. A bit crude but effective.

         We have a job. It is to fill our own spirit with Divinity and Spiritual food or it will shrink to nothing and the darkness will take over and win, filling us with fear, and confusion and hopelessness. It is also our job to teach others, especially our children, to do exactly the same thing.

         We’re not talking about religious rules and rhetoric here, we’re talking about the Loving words of a Loving God.

         When the voices begin to whisper in your mind, tell them to “Go away!” in no uncertain terms. If you must use power other than your own, say, “In the name of Jesus, or Allah, or Jehovah, or The Goddess, or Lord Chaitanya, or Lord Krishna or…the list is endless of the powerful names and representations of the Godhead who are there to help you. Don’t listen to the whispers. And, don’t let the negative words and actions of others infect you.

         Tell them to “Get off” and go back to their nightmare home.

         Do not be sucked into the darkness, for you may never get out of it.

         Fill your soul with God, the Goddess, the Holy Spirit/Paramatma, and their Children. Read their words, chant their mantras and prayers, meditate on their forms, sing their praises, and walk in their Light, and you will always find yourself at home, wherever you are.

         You will always be safe, where the Spirit lives.

 Sister Abhidheya and Ben





About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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