A New Year’s Message from Ben, January 1, 2013


           There is a belief of the indigenous peoples of North America, that when you go to sleep at night, you experience a ‘mini-death’. It is believed that your consciousness/soul leaves your body, while attached by a silver cord connected to the naval of your golum/physical body and pursues alternate realities; many of which are perceived as dreams, or the flip side, nightmares.

            When one awakens, it is believed that life should be perceived as completely fresh, a new experience, to be approached unencumbered by any thoughts of the life prior to this mini-death event during the night; a new chance for a new person.

            If one thinks of the ‘New Year moment’ in these terms, one may better be able to grasp the meaning of the concept.

            A ‘New Year’ or in reality, a new ‘approach’ means adjusting one’s mental faculties to a mode of refreshment—re-booting, in computer terms—where the individual walks forward into life and sees it with a new vision in mind, through new eyes, ready to try again to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves.

            It is interesting that most human beings wait 365 days before choosing to ‘re-fresh’ their minds and change their ‘approach’ to life. Often their version of this task is to make a list of extraordinary, unreachable goals that, when failure to achieve them occurs, merely cause the individual to spiral downward into a depressed state of self-condemnation.

            How much easier would it be to see life more as a twelve-step program, where ‘just for today’ you choose to try again and see how it goes, ‘just for today’ you look at life though different eyes, or ‘just for today’ you try being the person you always wished you could be, before life dealt you the hand it did.

             So many people plod forward through life with their eyes cast downward, looking only at the water within their own pond, or ‘well’, as the old Vedic adage tells us. They see only their own world, and to survive in it, they create rules that seem to work for that world. They are like a frog who has lived his whole life in a well, and believes his well to be the universe.

              When removed from the well, the frog is shocked and almost unable to cope with the strange new world beyond his old. And so he inflicts his rules and expectations of life from the ‘well world’ onto the one outside.

             If a person grows up within a dysfunctional and/or abusive home, they see that which is beyond their own as dysfunctional and abusive also; no matter what is really there.

            If you take your own personal ‘nightmare’ beyond your ‘well world’, you will not only expect more of the same, but you will also perpetuate that world.

            One has only to look around to see that is the case. The nightmares of others are everywhere. The ‘well people’ are prolific as are their dreams.

            What if ‘just for today’ you decided to re-fresh and re-boot internally, and begin to see your Earthly home as a garden to be sought out, to protect and re-generate, and your life, as a gardener within that space, whose job is to seek to do that which is good for the whole world, not just the world within your ‘well’? What if you choose to forget the bad dreams and memories from the day or life before this one, and instead wipe the slate clean and begin anew, like a new-born babe full of potential, innocence and vigour.

           Maybe your life might begin to feel like it has purpose again.

           Life becomes awfully discouraging when we are looking only at the immediate space around us.

            This New Year, instead of setting unreachable goals for yourself, make the decision to consider each day as one whole year, one long space of time ready to be explored, learned, fulfilled, nurtured and cherished as if it is all you will ever have during your life span.

            Approach each day with reverence; talk to Me, welcome My presence in your heart and mind, ask Me for advice, and then offer everyone you meet along your day’s path the kind of greeting I would give them. Be a Blessing in their lives. Be a Blessing in the life of your Earthly home.

            Be a Blessing to yourself.

            Forget what you grew up with. Forget the nightmares and the chaos and troubles of the previous day. See your world as a gift, not an obstacle. See your family as gifts, not as inconveniences. See your work as a gift, not a trial.

            I have given Myself to you, to be your advisor and your friend. I will always be with you, even through your body’s death and into the beyond. You are my most cherished and beloved child.

            You are not alone, nor will you ever be.

           Let this New Year be the one where you decide to climb out of your ‘well’ and take My hand. Together We can get you through this. Let Me show you the road to Home.

           And remember, if you should seem to fail, there’s always another day.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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