It is recorded in the Bible that although Jesus had His moments, His overall treatment of people was usually one of kindness. Yes, Lord Chaitanya had a couple of moments, too, but all in all, kindness reigned supreme. The Buddha, well, His walk was kindness itself.

            The Goddess, on the other hand, would be more aptly described as protective. And we know that the Female when enraged can scare anyone, even the toughest man, so it is best not to cross her. There is a story in the Vedas that describes the creation of Kali Ma by the gods, as they needed some help in a battle against the demons. The presence of Kali Ma solved the problem as she ate most of the foe.

            In the modern world, a study from the east of Canada many years ago, was done on fires and it was noted that statistics showed a man whose house was burning would save one child and some possessions. On the other hand, a mother would usually save all of her children or die trying. The firemen were instructed to not interfere with a mother who sought to return into her burning home.

            Women, when in the mode of the Goddess, have everyone’s interest at heart as they replicate the Great Mother; they can be kindness and protectiveness to the ultimate. But, all human beings, whether male or femlae, must guard themselves, for when you mix the Divinity of the soul with the mortality of the body, sometimes things get lost in translation; kindness often being one of those things.

            If everyone was immortal, the world would be completely different, for with immortality comes a sense of calm and contentment; the guillotine over one’s head—no matter how far away—has been removed, and in that moment all of life becomes playful.

            Because all creatures fear death, they tend to scramble their emotions much of the time. Immortality brings peace. Mortality breeds fear.

            When an individual begins their journey, the end of it is barely thought of. But as that end draws closer, the human being tends to go one of two ways: toward constant peace and calm—as they learn to embrace the eternality of Divinity—or toward impatience and frustration, as they dwell on their own mortality.

            From the latter can come a lack of kindness, or mean behaviour. From the former, can come kindness and a desire for peace at all costs.

            Kindness is a Virtue and therefore part of the all-encompassing “graciousness” that is the Virtue of God. It is a powerful healing tool that many rarely use in this day and age.

            When one is mean, or un-kind, even unintentionally, devastation can occur. A mean word can destroy an individual’s future. A mean thought can destabilize a room full of people, a child’s peace of mind, the health and well-being of a loved one; not to mention the health and well-being of the one responsible, as the darkness sees opportunity and moves in.

            A mean action is like a sword in the heart. Death will occur inevitably in one form or another.

            Un-kindness or meanness is all about mortality and the scramble to beat the odds or win the game.

            Kindness is all about relaxing into the Divine and realizing that ultimately there is no death, for true immortality will win out in the end.

            So the next time you feel a moment come upon you when kindness feels scarce, stop, sit down and talk to God. Ask God what He would do in this situation. If you can’t hear or feel His Voice, then remember to think “eternality”. Contemplate “what if there was no ending and all was forever?” What if there was time to work it all out?

            Let your moment of frustration and anger pass. Hang onto the knowledge that the mortal world is always in transition toward the Divinity as the shells of the encapsulated beings fall away one by one, and their souls return to the Creator.

            Let kindness be your walk, always, even in dealing with those who see things differently from you; especially, with them.

            For in those moments, you have the most to lose, even…your soul.





About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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