The Long and The Short of It

Drama, the world is filled with drama. Everywhere one looks there is drama, in the streets, on the media, even in one’s own home, drama.

            And what is it all about? Why does it occur?

            The human being has forgotten how she or he fits into the giant scheme of things. They believe they are the reason for life and love, and all the world’s affairs; politics is rampant with drama.

            If one stops for a moment and contemplates all this excitement, one will pretty quickly come to the conclusion that it is a very tiring thing. Drama takes effort and it drains you of your life’s energies. Drama is all about passion: the passions of love or hate, the passions of winning or losing, the passions of living and dying.

            The exhaustion factor can play long and weary in these processes. They can often drain far more than they enliven.

            The ‘long of it’ is the human being, when involved in the drama, feels that they are part of the manipulation and control of everything around them, and they must, therefore, invest effort or they will feel they have somehow failed to step up to the plate, run the race, or fight the good fight.

            The ‘short of it’ is easy. The Creator of All is just that, The Creator, The Powerful, All Knowing and All Seeing Entity, who is fully aware of the beginning of the drama, the course it could run, and how it should play out. The Godhead is ever hopeful.

            Like it or not, the human being and all of Creation is not self-engendered, but manufactured, and so someone else is really in charge.

            When one indulges in drama, they are attempting to replicate the role of the Great Decision Maker of all. They are attempting to control and dominate every situation that faces them.

            But that is usually the most difficult way.

            When one steps aside and lets the action float past, and merely observes the event, remaining aloof from the agony and ecstasy of the moment, one finds the easier path.

            There is a story in the Vedas about the demi-god Brahma stealing the cowherd friends of Lord Krishna, God, who was playing at being a human being for awhile. Lord Brahma stole the boys and placed them somewhere safe, in order to watch and see what this boy, Krishna, would do. He wasn’t sure who this child really was.

            Lord Brahma, being a much more powerful and larger being than a human, was able to do this easily, and after the task was finished, he looked away for but a moment.

            When he came back, a moment of his time had passed, but it had been a year of Earth’s time. The children appeared as before, because Lord Krishna had solved the problem in His own way.

            If a demi-god’s moment, his second, is a year of ours,  what does it say in regard to a moment of the Supreme Godhead’s time? Would that be someone’s whole lifetime? Because the Godhead is the greatest and largest of all. And what does that say in regard to all this thrashing about in the world? Is it really as important as the human would believe?

            What will you be remembered for, if a moment of God’s time is your whole life?

            If the great external Godhead looks at you and sees you are caught up in elaborate drama, looks away for a moment and then glances back a second later, and you are still at it—even unto the end of your life—how will God measure your consequence?

            What will be the consequence of your life, if it is just a second in the eyes of another?

            Will you be known for never-ending drama? Or will you be known for brilliant seconds of truth, of love, virtue, kindness and compassion, harmony and peace, consistency, strength of heart and soul, and reverence for all that is and ever will be?

            Will you be known as a soul of consequence? Or one who is always caught up in the stirring of the pot?

            What will the Godhead see when They glance back in your direction…for only a moment? Will They see someone calm, and reflecting Their own heart, or something very different?

            What will be the snapshot of your life?




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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