The Bible refers to the word ‘meekness’ as being a fruit of the spirit—a.k.a. ‘virtue’— and also in the Beatitudes in the book of Matthew, it says that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.

This has always troubled me, and so today I asked Ben what does ‘meek’ mean.

This is His answer. (It always amazes me when He gives me the title of the piece first. He does that everytime.)

Sister Abhidheya


            One must first ask the question, “What is the opposite of meekness?” And the answer would be ‘boldness’.

            Now there are many kinds of boldness of character, not all of which are desirable.

            A person may be bold and be quite obnoxious. Another may be strong and unyielding. Another, simply internally powerful and externally powerful when required; a very desirable characteristic indeed.

            The quality of meekness is the same.

            There are those who are meek and are quite pitiable, almost annoying in their behaviour of never defending themselves and letting bullies walk all over them.

            There are those who are meek and seem unable to speak up and request what they need or want.

            And then there are those who simply know when to speak and when not to. They have great discernment and judgment. They are willing to let others shine and show their own abilities. They have a calm nature, a quiet soul and a passive personality, and they know God is always on their side. They are meek in a desirable way.

            In war, the one who sticks his head up is more likely to get it shot off.

            The meek keep their heads down and wait.

            The bold lead the charge and are the first to be killed. The meek bring up the rear or wait in the shadows for opportunity and advantage.

            The bold aggressor picks fights and battles, and many times they win. The meek watch and observe and go about their way of doing what they always have done. They keep on keeping on, staying out of the fray.

            In this world, Mankind is fighting daily against supernatural forces, constantly luring him out into the centre of the field, where he can be a very clear target. The bold, sometimes filled with pride, are too often willing to enter the battle and give their lives for causes that can never be won by humans, only by Gods.

            The meek are neither lured nor targeted. They allow others to do what they feel they must, to achieve whatever goals they feel they need to.

            The meek are very much like what the Goddess Sophia describes as the most important characteristic of a woman, “A woman should think like a river…”  And when a woman seeks to accomplish a task, she simply works at it one tiny piece of the puzzle at a time, diligently, daily, never giving up until the task is done.

            The meek are the same.

            If a war needs to be won, they will simply, tirelessly and gently, convert, at a ‘grassroots’ level, one citizen at a time. With their gentle demeanor, their meek character will accomplish more with less drama and loss and suffering.

            And so meekness should be viewed as quiet resolve, and as gentleness of spirit which is so attached to God that the individual always knows God has their back and will help them achieve their every goal.

            The meek work within the Peace of God.

            And when all the other dominoes are knocked down, theirs will still remain standing, nowhere near the crowd, nowhere near the nightmare.

            Yes, the meek shall inherit the earth with their humility, and quiet resolve, understanding that Peace and God must always be the Victors.







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