The Road Ahead


            The journey of a day can be an exhausting one or an exhilarating one. It is all up to you, for each and every moment, you choose what you wish to receive. When you smile at the neighbour, they will smile back and if they don’t, someone else will, for you have deposited a smile in your ‘bank’.

            If you grumble at someone, a grumble is now in your ‘bank’, and a grumble will return to you.

            This is karma: the sowing of seeds for harvest, at its most basic level.

            Human beings tend to think karma is more complicated than this, but it is not. What you sow, you reap, whether a smile or a grumble, a gift or donation, or a theft or envious desire.

            Like stones in the road, you build the path of your life out of the ones you place in front of you. If they are smooth, the ground will also be. If they are jagged and sharp, then prepare for sore feet.

            Karma is simple. Life is simple. It is important not to get too caught up in measuring and details, just live a kindly life, behave virtuously and the path under your feet will be like God laid it out for you. Do not worry about the past and past lives, live in virtue and godliness now and all will rectify itself. Every virtuous act will be like moss under your feet.

            So the next time you are tempted to snarl at someone, or cross swords with them, see the results as jagged rocks under your feet, and think again.

            May the road of your life be a smooth one.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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