Jesus…hmmm…what can one say?

            There are those who would say He was a fraud, a charlatan, a nobody, maybe even a total myth. But they would be wrong, for even the Romans talked about Him in their own writings.

            Was He the Son of God? Well, we are all Sons and Daughters of God, so yes, He was the Son of God.

            Was He the only, actual, classified personal Child of God? Well, I would find that very hard to believe. If we look at the Vedas, we see that Lord Brahma was the first created Being and so He, Lord Brahma, would be the first Son of God. If Jesus was an incarnation of Lord Brahma, then I would say He was the first Son of God, but still, not the only, for there are many who have come to teach and heal in the history of the Earth.

            Was He God? Equal with God? Part of the Triune Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Ghost?

            Well, first of all, the Godhead is four: Father, Mother, Holy Spirit and Offspring. The Vedas of ancient India tell us the actual entity God or Bhagavan, is always Male and Female—which could be why the Godhead in the Bible in Genesis always refers to Itself as We or Us—see Genesis 1: 26… “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…27 So God created man in His own image: in the image of God He created him: male and female He created them. (New King James translation)

            Then the Vedas tell us the second part of the Godhead is the Brahman energy of God. That would correspond to the idea of: everything around is God. God is everywhere. Everything is made up of God. I like to think of it as a creative stream of energy that comes out of the Godhead and creates life wherever it goes. As it flows forth, the ideas that come out of it manifest into physical life; albeit galaxies, universes, planets, stars, suns, moons, animals, people, insects, birds, fish. All are a result of the Brahman creative stream.

            The third aspect of God, according to the Vedas, happens at the end of that stream, when material life has been produced. In each and every piece of created form—whether a planet, or a dog, or a tree, a bug, or a person—an imprint or clone of the Creator is placed within that entity to watch over and guide it on its journey. This is called the Paramatma in the Vedas and that would correspond to the Holy Ghost of the Bible. If we interact with this Being within us, it will interact with us.

            Now, because the ‘Brahman creative stream’ created us, we come alive. Interestingly, the seed of our creation is placed within us so we can re-create more of our unique form that will look and sometimes even sound like us. To activate that re-creating seed, we need our other half, a yin to our yang, a goddess to our god, in our miniature state, for we are the microcosm of the macrocosm; as above so below.

            So, who was Jesus? Well, He was one of us, an entity in human form. Was He immortal? Why yes, I am an immortal. All beings are immortal. Our souls are immortal. We are of the Brahman stream, but we are Immortal encased within Mortal, so sometimes we get confused.

            Was He the Godhead’s actual Son come to us, produced in the Highest Heaven of all the Heavens, the Vaikuntha planets of the Vedas, where God actually lives? I don’t know, but I can honestly say, He sure acted like it.

            The Romans said He was a teacher and a healer, and although the books of the Bible were written at different times by different people, they all agreed on His uniqueness, His teachings, and His abilities.

            What is important about Jesus is not whether He was a God or part of the Godhead, but what He taught. Jesus said, as was quoted in John 14: 6-11: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father [the Godhead] except through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also, and from now on you know Him and have seen Him…I am in the Father and the Father is in Me…the Father who dwells in Me does the works. Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in me…” (New King James translation)

            Sounds like He is referring to the creative Brahman stream and the Paramatma or Holy Spirit, doesn’t it?

            Those of you who have read the background of this blog know I primarily share here the teachings of the Paramatma who resides within me, whom I refer to as Ben. Ben is the Hebrew word for ‘son of’, (Jesus was…Yeshua ben Joseph, or Jesus the son of Joseph. )

            When I immerse myself in Ben and His energy—which happens most easily when someone else asks a question of Him—I find myself floating in the most amazingly peaceful, healing energy. The closest I could describe it to, would be having a Reiki treatment with every single part of one’s body being touched by individuals with level seven Reiki. It is so overwhelmingly soothing, it is beyond anything imaginable; truly a heavenly experience.

            And so when Jesus said those things, I think He was right, even if only metaphorically. We cannot get to the Godhead if we don’t follow His Way; if we don’t allow the Paramatma—the Ben within us—to take over our body and soul and be fully manifest within us and without. For we cannot go back to God unless we are like God. We cannot go back to the truly ‘Spiritual realm’ while still acting like a ‘Material being’, and I am not talking about death here. We must be like Jesus. We must let the Parents be in us and work through us, so that when someone looks at us, they see God in the flesh, alive and active and working for the good of All; be that All—human, animal, planetary or cosmologic.

            So Jesus was, and should be , what we all need to aspire to, and then we can do exactly what He said—we can do what He did, and even more.

            He only lived a short time and He had a rough time close to the end. He came back from the dead, and was seen by hundreds, not just the twelve. Whether He ascended into Heaven or went to India and lived out His remaining years there, is not important.

            Jesus’ legacy is not the Christian Church, but those who learn from His teachings and follow them. His teachings were specific and vital.

            He taught us Virtue: a way to walk along the road of life and do it well, compassionately and with kindness.

            He taught us how to heal ourselves and others: to speak to the problem and tell it out loud to go away and get out of our life, and then to believe that the Holy Spirit will fill us with healing energy and make us whole again. And also, that we have the power, through that Holy Spirit, to tell our bodies to heal themselves.

            He taught the love of the Godhead, the Heavenly Parent, for Its creation. That our God Family loves us, and it was that love that created us, and it is that love that is inside us and is there to guide, teach and heal us. He taught that our Heavenly Parents want us whole and healthy, not sick and bedridden or poverty stricken, or beholden to others for our supposed salvation and survival.

            He taught immortality: that our soul will live forever, and we are an eternal Being. And when our body dies, that is not the end, for we will go on to bigger and better things.

            So yes, He is the way, the truth and the life, and we can’t go back to the Parents till we learn what He taught, and to ‘walk our talk’ like Him.

            This Easter season, this Ostara time, when Spring has come in—officially on March 21st as the Spring or Vernal equinox when days and nights are equal in length—and Goddess worshippers and much of North America—perhaps unbeknownst to most— celebrate the festival of the Goddess Oestara, whose symbols are the egg and hare, and the followers of Jesus celebrate the quickening of His mortal flesh to immortal spirit and back again, we all as humans, need to come together and refresh our own souls. This blending of festivals at one of the most significant times of the year, can be a symbol of the unity of the Mortal and the Immortal, of Earth and Humankind, of the Created and the Creators.

            This is a time for new beginnings, for opportunities to clean up our ways of living, change our old patterns and make new ones, sort out our earthly lives and begin to live as responsible Citizens of this planet, and also, sort out our spiritual lives and begin to live as responsible Children of God.

            What I see around me is neither one, and if we don’t step up to the plate, we may end up alive in spirit only.

            The Way back to the Godhead is a rocky road indeed, and if we are to get there, we must take care of and protect the gifts we have been given: the gift of life itself, the gift of love and community, the gift of nature and all other living creatures, and the gift of a living, breathing home planet called Earth, our physical Mother.

            Jesus was and still is, through His written teachings, an amazing instructor for life itself. So, in this season of Spring, let us all take some notes from the life of this remarkable Man, and see what we can add to our own. Let us strive to make a positive difference on the planet and in the lives of others.

            Let us walk in His footsteps and strive to change the world.

Sister Abhidheya


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Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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