The nature of the human mind is often coloured with making rapid decisions based on sense gratification. It is unusual for an individual therefore, to stop and take a moment to think.

So many have found themselves in great predicaments after having made impulsive decisions which have sometimes caused irrevocable havoc in their lives and the lives of others.

For a person to be considered wise and certainly mature, the art of discernment must be developed in their lives.

It takes time to learn how to make the best choices, and impulses and satisfying the senses are not always the correct helpers when making these kinds of decisions.

It is more important to satisfy the heart than the tongue or the seeming needs of others. It is more important to be able to make a choice and then two or three days later know that you can live with what you have chosen rather than feeling horrified about what you have done.

Because making choices for oneself is not always easy, there are some methods which can help the individual to be more on the winning side than the losing.

When faced with a choice or a problem to be solved, it can sometimes be helpful to imagine this problem is that of one’s friend, rather than oneself. By placing the issue squarely in the lap of another, you are no longer intrinsically caught up in the ending, and so you can decide what may be the best selection for your friend. You can help them choose their option, offer advice and be very objective about the results.

Because this person is your friend, though, you also are obligated not to send them off down the proverbial garden path and so it is wise to be compassionate, careful and thorough with your answer.

When you have selected for your ‘friend’ the solution to their problem, you must then bring the issue back to your own table and take your own advice.

That, of course, is the hardest part; for we are all good at offering advice, but when the situation involves us, it seems somehow different, and we once again find ourself desiring to satisfy a myriad of physical senses and often other individuals. But…take our own advice, we must.

And so, the decision is made and the advice taken and the path chosen.

When you first start using this technique you may feel a little surprised at how easily things work out, and after awhile it will become easier and easier to make quality decisions quickly. The quality of discernment grows out of one’s ability to make correct decisions that are, in fact, well thought out, but essentially on the fly.

All of life is a series of decisions. And like electricity constructed in series, if when making those decisions, you screw one up, all the lights can go out at once. So, it is important to learn the art of decision making which leads to discernment and that leads to wisdom.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

This week, when faced with a choice, stop and think: what would I tell my best friend to do in this situation and why. Then, based on that information, proceed. Leave your senses out of it. Use your heart and mind and be pleasantly surprised at the results.

 It may not always be the easiest choice, but it will usually be the correct one.

Sister Abhidheya


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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