Healing 101

The first thing one has to think about when seeking healing is the following: You cannot heal an animal with a placebo. You can, however, heal a human.

Think about that for a few minutes and ask yourself, “Why?”

You cannot say to a dog, for example, “Take this pill. It will heal you,” because the dog will not comprehend what you are suggesting, and therefore, it will not believe in your words.

Now a person is different.

There are thousands of examples of people being healed with a placebo because, you can say to a person, “Take this pill. It will cure you,” and they will not only understand, but they will respond accordingly, and do just that, be healed of whatever the so-called curative pill was directed toward.

So what does that tell you about YOU? You have the power to heal yourself if you will simply believe.

So Step Number One for healing is, simply understand you have the power to heal yourself.

Jesus, the Healing Acharya, taught His followers to “Speak to the mountain,” and tell it what to do, not to talk about the mountain, and describe it.

Most people say, “I have that. I feel these symptoms. I feel these aches and pains. I always get a cold this time of year. I always get the flu.” They talk about the mountains in their lives, not to the mountains themselves.

Step Two is simply telling the problem—the mountain in your life—what to do, and how to behave. Then tell your body what to do and how to behave. You must speak out loud to the problem and the part or thing being affected by it.

Tell the mountain, illness, disease, whatever, to go, dissolve, leave, be gone, get out, vamoose, or vacate. Say it out loud. “Hey you, get out!”

Then tell your body, your body-part, mind, emotions, whatever is being affected, to fix itself. To heal itself, dissolve the problem, calm the nerves, stabilize the mind, energize the system. Basically, tell yourself out loud what you expect. Give it a verbal placebo. If you need a physical one, give yourself a sugar pill or whatever it takes for you to believe and be convinced. You can empower your morning cup of herbal tea or smoothie.

As created beings of God, we are made not only in God’s image, but are built from God substance, even if it is only the marginal energy of God. We have within us a replica of God that is composed of an even more powerful substance, the Creative energy of God, in the form of the Holy Spirit, or as the Vedas of India call it, Paramatma.

Think of Creation as 75% Spiritual and 25% physical. In that 25% are galaxies, planets and all physical created beings of any kind.

In the 75% are all the Eternal Spiritual beings and their abodes. God lives in that 75% and to blow your mind even more, all of Creation is contained within the body of God; for God is everything, as well as in everything, and the Creator of everything.

If you, as a material creature living in 25% of all Creation, have within you a Being that is purely Spiritual, that is your link to the other 75% of Creation—the purely Spiritual realm.

Think of the Holy Spirit, or Paramatma, as a Wormhole through time and space, tucked within you, and linking you to the Spiritual World.

If you talk to It, lean into It, chant mantras and prayers to It, and focus on It, you umbilical yourself to pure Spiritual energy, and pure Healing energy to boot.

When you say to your body, “Heal yourself, or Be Healed!” you are linking to the Creative healing energy from the 75% Spiritual realm of Creation. You are linking to your true identity, as we are Spiritual beings having a material experience, and just like all of Creation, we, too, are 75% Spiritual or non-physical, encased within 25% material or physically able to be touched. It may look the other way around, but it isn’t. Think about it. You are:

25% Mental

25% Emotional

25% Spirit soul

25% Material body

Get the picture?

So what part of you should have the upper hand? The 75%, of course, not the other way around.

If 75% of you is in agreement and is convinced of its own power, you can overcome and heal the 25%.

So, here’s a ritual for you to perform daily. I do it in the shower every morning.

Speak these words or words like them everyday.

1 (a) I speak complete healing over my body.

   (b) I take complete healing into my body.

   (c) My body is completely healed. You can also look directly at your body and say, “You, body, you are healed.”

2 (a) I speak pure health and total healthy cell regeneration over my body.

   (b) I take pure health and total healthy cell regeneration into my body.

   (c) My body has pure health and all my cells are totally regenerated in a healthy way. Once again, you can say directly to your body, “You have pure health and your cells are all regenerating in a purely healthy way.”

You get the idea? I say these lines plus declare the weight I desire, the age I wish to feel and many other things, everyday over myself. Doing it under running water, in the shower, assists in the cleansing concept of the event.

You can talk to your peace of mind, fear, ability to sleep, prosperity and anything else. The more you do it, the better you will get at it and the more it will become a reality.

The main point is to understand that healing is within your power. For you to be healed, you need to understand the ideas presented here, that you have the full power and control over yourself and your system.

So, speak to the mountain, don’t talk about it, tell the problem to go away, to get out of yourself, then tell your body to heal itself.

Start now. Healing may take time. Be patient. The Bible says, “and ye faint not,” in other words, don’t pass out or give up just before the finish line. Being healthy is something you can create for yourself and live securely within.

Experiment. Talk to little aches, rashes, sprains, nosebleeds or whatever is happening to you. Tell these things to go away, dissolve, vanish, go quickly and immediately. Whatever you need.

I spoke to chronic nosebleeds of 40 years and commanded them to stop. They did within a minute after I had sneezed out a huge quantity of blood during an active nosebleed. It was as if I had sneezed out the problem, then bang, it was over. I have had two minor ones since because I banged my nose-pin into the septum of my nose. Ouch!

I used to have them weekly, sometimes daily. They were a chronic part of my life for ¾ of my life. And they all ended with a command, almost three years ago. That was my experiment.

Now you try it.

Don’t give up if it doesn’t work right away. Keep reading this posting over and over. Print it out for yourself. We are only human and we believe the brainwashing of the medical system and the media. It takes time to undo this brainwashing and replace it with proper belief in your own ability as a Child of God.

Go for it! Take a chance! What do you have to lose?

Sister Abhidheya


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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