Finding the Source

           When seeking a personal external God/Goddess, it is important not to get too hung up on the semantics of the whole thing. The history of Man’s actions in this regard sometimes reads like a list of an eleven year old child: “I’m right. You’re wrong. My dad’s bigger than yours. My dad knows more than yours. My mom’s prettier than yours. My mom has more clout than yours.” It’s all petty-ante stuff and it has caused the death of millions of people over thousands of years. Ridiculous.

            By definition, the Source/God/Goddess/Creator should be our ultimate archetype of behaviour, reflecting the best of characteristics, the ultimate knowledge, and the most harmonious and peaceful of actions, not our most petty, stupid and antagonistic.

            If you go online, there is a website that lists pages of religions and beliefs. If someone has thought of something to believe in, it’s there. From the major religions to the weirdest cults, they’re all listed. You can check on each one and take them several steps further, doing more research, if you wish.

            But what do we really gain when we dig deeper and deeper? Are we just reaching further for something to disagree on?

            Mankind has been fighting for centuries. It seems to be their favourite pastime. I remember my dad, an Irishman, telling me once that “The British should just get out of Ireland because the Irish like to fight and so the British will never win.”

            Is that It? Is it that we all just “like to fight”, and so we’ll just never stop, even if we could?

            I hope not.

            I hope we’re getting tired of it. I know I am. I’d like to blame it on the masculine ego, because men tend to be more violent in general, but my ego can be just as stupid and vindictive so…I guess we will have to blame it on the human ego itself—the great I AM; the thing that gets us all into trouble.

            If we could think together with the Collective Divine Mind— not instinctively like a pack of wild dogs—where we all reach for something that will benefit everyone, and use our Inner Divinity to achieve those dreams, and then give thanks and glorify the External Divinity, maybe we could get ahead on this planet.

            Maybe we could see the dawn.

            For the human race to achieve any kind of Divinity, we are going to have to stop thinking only about ourselves and start thinking with a much greater goal in mind. Instead of splitting hairs, we need to add more until we have a virtual mountain of them in front of us.

            You have all probably heard the saying that we should live with the seventh generation of children who will follow us constantly on our minds. For the last sixty or so years, the human race has lived like there wouldn’t be a next ten years let alone seven more generations. We have, as a race, exploited and annihilated everything that moved, whether it agreed with us or not. Sometimes, it seems like we are drawn to destroy, even more, that which is docile to us, like the animals we slaughter all day everyday in the slaughter houses, and the fish we drag out of their peace and quiet to be allowed to drown in the air, while we ignore their dances of death and pleas for help.

            What kind of creatures are we? What kind of beings kill daily or advocate killing on such a mass scale and then think they deserve the best that life has to offer?

            What are we? Parasites? Vampires? Terrorists?

            What have we morphed into? Bloodsucking leaches?

            What is wrong with us that all we can think of is ourselves?

            We are living in a world of the exploiter and the exploited and those who try desperately to help are seemingly overwhelmed and almost out of hope.

            Well, it’s time to step up to the plate. It’s time for you to find God and that means for you to throw off your own ego and reach for the Soul of the Divine within you; the Soul that is peace, love, compassion, caring, truthfulness and understanding; the Being who is stillness, calm and harmony.

            If you wish to find God or the Source, you must desire to become just like It, or you will never find It. Like attracts like and there is no other way.

            God is in you. The Source is in you. To find It you must reach inside your self. When you discover It, you can call It anything you want. It doesn’t matter. That’s not the point. And when you feel it, you can express your happiness in anyway you want by singing or dancing or praying or building a hospital. It doesn’t matter. That’s not what’s important. What is important is to know God is there and start acting like God’s child instead of a criminal who should be locked up in a prison somewhere, forever.

            If you want to find the Source, you have to let It shine through you until the outline of you is hardly visible anymore. You have to open your heart and become one with It; for that is what finding God is truly about.

            The Source is out there and the Creator is holding us together and the God/Goddess is in each of us. We are all part of It and It is part of us and within us.

            So lean back and let go and you will be shocked to discover that that which you have sought your whole life, is all around you and within you, just waiting for you to come home.

Ben and Sister Abhidheya





About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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