Collective Mind


This piece of writing was channeled on August 25, 2010 from a group of entities who call themselves The Teachers. I have been working with them for many years

I asked them about further clarification on 1)Inner Divinity or Paramatma/Holy Spirit, 2)Collective Divinity or Brahman energy—the effulgent Creative energy of the Godhead, and 3)the Source/Bhagavan or external separate Godhead, and 4)how the human being’s thought processes and healing fit into all of those.

This is what was given.

            For the Human Being to reach with their consciousness to the God Source, they must first be aware that there is something running through all of created beings, joining them together and connecting them to the Creator, that makes not only them, but everyone and everything around them, special. Then they can understand the Energy of the Godhead.

            When they begin to look within and meditate on the stillness, there, they will find the door to their own Personal Divinity, their Paramatma/Holy Spirit, which not only can show them the spark-source of their being, but when looked even more deeply into, will reveal the actual Source Itself.

            For we were all part of the Source before our souls branched out into Creation. We were pure Light. But as we moved further away from the Godhead Itself and started to rely less on the Brahman/Collective and Godhead thought/thinking and more on our own inner/separate thoughts, we began to crust over and separate from the Light. We created a barrier around us and we developed separate thought processes—or ways of thinking—that began to identify more with separation from, rather than union with or to the Godhead.

            Gradually, the mind of the body, and the idea that the body was everything, became more important, than the thoughts and mind of the Collective Divinity and the Godhead. As we lost touch with our Soul or original God-body, we gave more power or weight to our new/physical/material body. As a result, it became finite, as opposed to Light and infinite.

            If we learn to lean more towards the Godhead through Collective/Brahman and Inner Divinity/Paramatma, we can once again reclaim our Immortal bodies and our Immortal mind or way of thinking.

            So…once you reach back and understand that, yes, the Source/Godhead is an Entity, distinct and complete, and that the God Source is within you, you can begin to reach out to the Collective Source Energy around you to tap into the Healing Energy from it, and you can revitalize your inner core and expand It until It is everything and fully Light reflective.

            Eventually, you will transcend your crust, dissolve it and be a fully expressive version of the God Source once again, and death, as you know it, will be unnecessary and irrelevant.

The Teachers


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