Every morning of every day, the average human being arises from sleep believing this day will be better than the previous one. It is important, when that does not necessarily occur, for the individual involved to understand that their own perception of the previous day and its projection onto the next or present day, has helped to cause it to unfold the way it has.

            The human being’s mind is a very powerful tool which is usually employed with little or no understanding of its full capabilities. Most believe the mind is an active tool of their present used as a central control system, rationalizing system, or memory recall system. Hardly anyone understands that its most powerful benefit is as a guidance control system that will literally chart one’s life through and into the future.

            When the human animal was created, it was literally connected to the creative energy stream of the Godhead—it wasn’t just created by it—it was also attached to it and remains part of it. If one understands that and opens their mind as a conduit to this powerful form of creativity, they will be able to do the most amazing things, including literally choreographing their own life on a daily basis.

            But the human being’s subconscious or memory centre often gets in the way of their success in this field and so they recede to what they determine a human should be able to do, as opposed to what a human invested with a certain number of Godly qualities and powers could do. And so recession, rather than progression becomes their way of life.

            To shake off this recession into Man’s restrictive belief system, which has been set up in an individual’s past and is based on their failure quotient, requires a leap of faith. It also requires training the mind to learn specific steps and then to set the course and simply release the desired into the creative stream.

            First, the human being must learn to focus their mind and clear it of all miscellaneous debris. Next, they must decide what their future needs to be, keeping in accordance with the rules of Creation, Maintenance, and Interaction as set up by the Godhead for the higher intellect species. Then, they need to place their desire within the stream of creative consciousness and release it to go forward into their future.

            Lastly, they must grab the controls of their entire mental, emotional, and spiritual systems, and direct them to support the goal they are pushing ahead of themselves, setting knowledge in place for completion, spiritual criteria in place, and emotional reinforcement that is consistent and does not wither in its underlying support or deviate from its goal. That is probably the most difficult since the human being bases its success levels more on failures first and successes second, whereas it should be the exact opposite. Everytime a failure is thought of, the desire being pushed ahead slips off course, until it may literally be sidelined completely and recede into the background of an individual’s life rather than remaining in the foreground.

            These tools are more necessary now in this age, because they can defeat the insanity of others, who are not only killing the planet with their ability to control the future, but also are restricting the larger percentage of beings into recessive lifestyles. If those being held back would put these tools into effect, especially in a group effort, the earth could be rebuilt, money could be made readily available to all, water could be cleaned, illness cured, and the environment refreshed.

            It is up to the individual to step forward and change their lives.

            Focus, meditate, project, believe fully, and do not deviate, and the world before you will change.

            Recession not only means a depression of the economy, it also means a depression or restriction of the inherent creative tools available to all human beings.

            You have been created in an image of the Godhead, it is time you understood that and use it to your advantage, and for the good of the greater whole.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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2 Responses to Recession

  1. Interesting post, it gives a lot to think about and puts earth’s future in each individual’s hands to either help make things better or ignore and in so doing, allow the earth to deteriorate.

    • V.L.M. says:

      Yes, it’s true. I was pretty amazed at this information. It was also one where Ben gave the title before dictating the writing. I was wondering how it was going to link together and then…well wow. ;0) 🙏

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