Prayer for Safety from the Inflicted Man

Prayer for Safety from the Inflicted Man

 Dear Father in Heaven, Holiest of Holy, Lord of All Creation,

Joy of my salvation, Smile of the Skies,

Save me from the Inflicted Man.

Save me from those who walk the same road, day after day,

Seeing only their own feet, only their own path,

And sky and world of their own creation.


Give me strength and patience to love them,

But not to fall into their trap.

Save me from the strife and sorrow

That they dwell upon so intently.

Open Your heavenly skies to them and

Pour down your light and joy upon them.

And if they choose not to see You,

Please remember that I do, and keep Your Smile shining

Like a Beacon of Light and hope, bright ~ before my face.


Let the glorious light of Your Countenance

Draw me to You, like steel to a magnet.

And once I am there, Lord, never let me go.

Never let me lose sight of You,

Though the rains of sorrow may fall at my feet,

And the winds of poverty may blow through my home,

Or the snows of illness, may billow and drift around me.


Keep me always close to Your Heart,

Safely away from those distresses,

That I may dwell with You and Your Son, forevermore,

In the land beyond tomorrow.

Thankyou Lord.  Thankyou Lord.  Thankyou Lord.


Sister Abhidheya


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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