Cancer: What’s It All About?

Note: A friend of mine has been dealing with cancer, and during our communications, she mentioned that there seems to be an increase in its presence everywhere. As I penned a response, Ben began to speak through me. I will be including His words to my friend within this posting.

            Cancer, although it manifests in the physical world, has little to do with beginning on that plane and everything to do with beginning on the emotional and mental.

            The human animal, like every animal, every living being, tends to think too much. One of the reasons mantra meditation and repetitive prayer are so important and effective, is that during the time of experiencing those two activities, the mind stops dwelling on things which may often not be healthy for the container it resides within, aka the body.

            Humans worry, they fear, they dwell on concerns and blow them out of proportion, they extrapolate unreality into reality, and thus create what they desire the least to experience. Cancer lives at the end of the fear tunnel for almost every living being.

            The cells of all living beings are designed to function in the world of spiritually created materiality. And spiritually created materiality is built with love energy substance only. So any other thing being swirled around in the mental and emotional plane of a living being is an anomaly, an abnormality, and it needs to go somewhere and become something because it doesn’t blend into what is already part of creation.

            This means that all thoughts and all emotions other than love and peace are creating abnormalities…somewhere. Hence, a world filled with a myriad of illnesses, diseases, skin problems, and deviations from perfection/the ideals in every creature, including the earth itself and its weather patterns which are part of the material realms.

            To have a perfect and healthy life requires constant mental and emotional correction; for what you swirl around in your hearts and minds, spills out into your physical realm, so keeping your brain and heart in check must be an ongoing process.

            Prayer should not be once a week, or even once a day, it should never stop. Thoughts of the Godhead and the spiritual realms should be endless. Mantra meditation is probably the easiest way to achieve inner mental and emotional peace, but even then constant attention is required for the easily wandering mind.

            This is essentially what I told your friend:

            Cancer has very little to do with actual physical catalysts and everything to do with allowing the seeds to come into your mind and heart.

            Cancer is on every page of every newspaper, the radio, TV and the movies. There are runs to remember how it has hurt loved ones. There are ribbons on every car, organizations devoted entirely to its ramifications, symptoms and handling, movies are devoted to it with deaths from cancer immortalized almost romantically. More money is given to organizations, hospitals, doctors and treatments than any spiritual charities. Cancer has reached the level of a godhead. It is the focus of a huge number of the population of the planet.

            If you run for it, wear ribbons to remember it, write songs about it and its survivors or victims, give huge quantities of money to it, and never stop thinking about it, then it becomes your god, your idol for worship, and what you worship, you get.

            If you worship the real Godhead, the Godhead of Light and Love and Blessing with prosperity, health and eternal freedom for your soul, then that’s what you will get. The god you worship gives you its world.

            Cancer is the epitome of Evil. If you see, hear and think cancer, its evil will befall you. If you see no evil—don’t watch things about it—hear no evil—don’t listen to anything about it—speak no evil—don’t talk about it or even use the word—you will do the opposite of Evil, you will Live.

            Deny the existence of cancer and it will disappear from the earth. Continue to focus on it, and it will continue to rule.

            It’s up to you.



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