One of the things most lacking in our world today is sincerity. The race of the clock almost obliterates the possibilities for a sincere moment with anyone. It seems that there are too many things to do, too many things to see, too many things to watch and too many opportunities to just play. Sincerity of purpose falls by the wayside.

            If you wish to be a sincere person, you must learn to slow down. All virtues require slowing down the consciousness enough so that the human being can hear the voice of God within, often recognized as one’s own conscience. When one moves too quickly, thought and contemplation fly out the window. Speed of thought and speed of activity bring about openings for the darkness to sneak in.

            Daily life can often be compared to walking through a revolving door. You cannot see what is behind you as you pass through it. When you are walking through a regular door, you have the opportunity to stop, look back, check ahead, and then decide to proceed or retreat.

            To be sincere, you must first contemplate what you are choosing to do, if it is suitable for your life’s path or that of another, gather your energies and mental faculties and then launch upon the desired task, keeping focused as you move along.

            So many times we allow little undercurrents of talk to natter inside our heads, giving us reasons for doing the things we are doing, that have little if anything to do with sincerity and more to do with greed and subversion, when that was never our intention in the first place. In those moments, one can doubt their own reasons for doing what they have chosen to do.

            There is more to sincerity than meets the eye.

            It involves focus, mental and emotional unity, compassion, empathy, and kindness. If we are sincerely hoping for someone’s healing, we would never contemplate what the possible benefits might be to us if they are not healed. Those are dark thoughts sent to thwart the soul on its path to the Heavens. So when thoughts like that enter your mind, do not berate yourself, simply acknowledge that another mind has come in behind you through the revolving door. Then verbally chastise It—not yourself—and tell It to leave.

            Do not get caught up telling yourself you are a failure, a bad person, an ungrateful soul or anything like that. Give credit where credit is due. The dark forces are there circling, hoping to keep the world and its inhabitants tightly in their clutches. If they can transform a good thought, full of great emotional compassion, into an unsure thought with holes in its energy, they will have accomplished the goal of destabilizing the individual and making their project weak. This is how desires crumble.

            Keep focused on the good, understand that sincerity is a golden virtue full of power and force, that can conquer the world, and when thoughts enter your mind which would destabilize you, chuck the blighters out.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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One Response to Sincerity

  1. Good advice for everyone. Sincerity will only come to each of us if we search for it.

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