Feeding the Supreme


           There is some controversy as to what is considered good for the bodies of human beings. It is important to consider a few factors when contemplating that idea. Mankind is created in the image of the Godhead and so only what would be considered acceptable to the original specimen should be considered as acceptable sustenance. Since the Godhead only functions on spiritual energy and has no need for anything material to be taken into Their body, then one must define what the most spiritual substance would be to take into the body of an human individual.

            The most spiritual food would be one that requires no violence when procured—because the Godhead does not promote violence and is created of pure light and compassionate love energy— and if any violence is attached to the food, then that negativity must be nullified before consumption can take place without there being ramifications..

            In the world of animals there are two kinds of species, those who eat plant life and those who hunt and consume each other. Obviously, those who hunt and consume each other cause fear in the minds, emotions, and bodies of their prey and so we can see with little effort that this type of animal is on the lower plane of advancement. Those creatures who consume plant life are on the higher plane of consciousness.

           Mankind was designed to be at the top of the heap, not at the bottom, and so it is important that Mankind not consume anything which would drag them down into the consciousness of the lower species.

           Now as it is understood that plant life also has personal consciousness in it—but not quite of the same kind as most living beings—it is also important to understand that a life is often—but not always—being taken when a plant is consumed and so the way to negate that negativity is to offer the food about to be consumed to a Higher Power before eating it oneself. Most tribal cultures have that one down, but the so-called advanced Western Civilizations seem to be lacking in that respect.

            While prayers of thanksgiving are appreciated, they do not in fact negate the negativity of the moment. For food to be cleared of karmic attachments it must be first offered to the Godhead as if one was offering dinner to a dear friend or respected elder.

            There are specific Vedic prayers which cover those situations but as many people do not follow Vedic injunctions, one can simply ask the Godhead to receive that which is being offered with love in one’s heart, wait quietly for a few minutes for the Godhead to respond, and then take the finished product back for personal consumption, thus making the food offered indeed sanctified and holy. The Vedic world calls it Prasadam.

             After the offering one may express one’s gratitude for the resultant special meal with prayers of thanksgiving. Only in this way, can one release all negativity from one’s food.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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