Knowledge From The Divine


           For eons of time, there have been men and women who could tap into the knowledge of God and use it for the benefit of Mankind. Today, there is a dwindling of that number.

           Time and circumstance have gotten in the way of the old skills which almost all religions once taught. From Christianity to Paganism, or Nature Religions, there was always a teaching in place to help younger members of the faith learn to speak to the Godhead and to then teach what the Divine had shared. Wisdom does not always come in the form of prophetic revelation but also in the form of actual knowledge.

            There have been many, who when finding themselves in a place where they were stumped as to how to proceed with a project, have gone and talked to the Godhead only to be shown a quick and efficient formula on how to achieve the desired result. This is an example of tapping into the knowledge of God; practical knowledge not just spiritual.

           It is known by some that inventions will appear simultaneously all across the planet with more than one person applying for patents at the same time. This is an example of the knowledge of the Godhead being passed down to Mankind. You, yourself, have been given knowledge that you are slowly putting into a book, and as you have seen, there are others who have also been given that knowledge and have already put it into print and are sharing it. However, yours is unique to your own mind and way of thinking, and so just as important and valuable. Only one individual can reach another. Each person has a way of transmitting information which another does not. And every person receives information in different ways, so it is important that you proceed to write your book and share that knowledge with others as it is understood by you. Just as there is only one person destined to be the true mate of another, there is only one teacher who is the true teacher of another.

           Born Again Christians and various other sects of Christianity teach talking to the Holy Spirit, who resides in the heart of every living being, not just mankind, but not all sects do that. Some refer to it as praying and then listening for an answer. That is probably the easiest way for most people to understand.

           But other religions teach communicating with God in different forms, from seeking a Vision Quest, as in the First Nations and Aboriginal peoples, or Shamanic journeys, to automatic writing, channeling, or prophesy. Every faith is aware of the ability to communicate with God, but not all are encouraging it. Some even discourage it and say that there is room for only one prophet in their faith and yet that is a complete contradiction to the Bible and most purely channeled religious texts.

            The Godhead wants all people to talk to God, listen to God, and repeat what God has said. Some hear in different ways, with ideas and visions or pictures coming into their mind. Others, like yourself, hear words clearly and write them down easily.

            It is important, if society is to move forward into a new age of peace and prosperity, that men and women start consulting with the Godhead and listening to what Divinity has to say, for problems have been created over the last hundred years which will require the knowledge of Divinity to fix.

            Knowledge from the Divine is limitless whereas knowledge from the mind of man is limited. You must choose carefully when deciding who to listen to for the correct method of journeying into your future.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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One Response to Knowledge From The Divine

  1. Interesting post. It’s true that religions teach different ways of communicating with God, but I think most if not all do recommend it. It’s too bad that not enough people really listen to bring about a peaceful earth.

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