Twelve years ago on this day the Twin Towers in New  York City came down. Many people were killed and many injured. Some were within the structures, some in neighbouring structures; some were coming to save others and died during the act. It has been a long a difficult road for those who have lost someone because of that event. And so it is a time to remember.

            There are two kinds of memory. There is positive memory which can be constructive and lead one on to greater things and there is negative memory which can destroy, cripple and disable individuals. It is important that one always choose to remember constructively or one’s life will stay locked in time.

            This does not mean that if you go on and live happily you are negating the memory of another, it means that you are choosing to survive the event that took them. Survival means living, not dying slowly inside and out. It means being happy and remembering the good things about the person you can no longer see and touch.

            When you dwell negatively on an event, losing your emotions in darkness and thoughts of revenge, you do no one a service, especially not yourself, and certainly not the individual who is gone. Their memory is then clouded in darkness and their soul will linger around the individual who is suffering instead of going on to greater things in the hereafter.

            The Bible says, “Let not your heart be troubled.” And it means just that. When you really ponder this now, where is the loved one who has passed? They are in a better place, even if that means reincarnation, their life has gone on and they are no longer stuck in the Towers, suffering. Only you are suffering. You are locked in the fiery furnace seeing only the flames, feeling only the pain. You are the one who is dying, not them. They are at play in the fields of the Lord. Not stuck in hell.

            So if you are to remember constructively, with love moving always forward for the individual lost, you must see them in the Light, not in the dark. And you too must see yourlsef in the light and not in darkness.

            The darkness only wins if you let it.

            Your memorial to a lost loved one must always be about goodness and love, not hatred and revenge. Reach out for the hand of God and He will guide you through to His Light.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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One Response to Remembrance

  1. Really liked this reminder of living in the present instead of letting ourselves be caught up in wanting to get even with what or whoever caused the loss of our loved ones. I personally didn’t have anyone killed on 9/11 but like so many others I watched it happen on TV almost like I was there and felt the pain of those looking for their loved ones. It would have been easy to look for someone to blame when the ones who actually caused it were already dead. I hope today those affected by such a horrific act have somehow moved on with their own lives. Life is full of injustices and we must learn to move on after each one. The longer we ourselves live, the more injustice we will encounter.

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