Approaching Divinity


            There is a movement afoot in the world that has been growing and growing over the last fifty or so years, to depersonalize God. While many would like to believe this is a product of the New Age Movement, it is in fact a very old philosophy which has been around since the dawn of time. It is called the Impersonalist Movement and it is the promotion of the concept that God is not a living person but simply a non-specific energy.

            This is promoted by a number of religions including many modern Buddhist sects as well as others.

            Those who view God as a very specific being, separate from Creation, are often thought of as unsophisticated and evolutionarily backward. But in fact, they are exactly the opposite.

            The Godhead exists in three forms: The entity God, the ‘Creating’ energy of God, and the minute form of God within every living being. This would correspond to the Bhagavan, Brahman—not Lord Brahma, the demi-god— and Paramatma forms listed in the Vedas.

            It is odd to believe that God is simply energy. It seems the very opposite of Creation which is so very specific. Every bit of Creation is so particular and complex right down to the most minute forms. Even cells are amazing to behold when magnified. And yet many believe that an Entity which would design such spectacular multifaceted beauty, would simply be a non-specific Ball of light or energy. How totally bizarre.

            Why would something so specific be created by something non-specific? How could non-specific create specific? Oh yes, the big bang theory. Yes, let’s blow up something and it will miraculously form detailed minutia everywhere. Yes, that makes sense.

            If you have ever seen an explosion, you will know Creation is certainly not the result of that kind of an event.

            So…how do we get to this Divinity? How do we find It?

            While God is very much within each living being, God is also the path of light leading to the Godhead, like a rainbow leading one to a pot of gold at its end. And just like so many talk of the supposed myth of finding that gold, so many talk of finding God.

            If you start within and relax into that quiet voice inside of you, you have a place to start. But then you must look around you at all of Creation and stop trivializing it into an accident. Realize that a brilliant Being sat down and came up with each and every minute design that you can see and that you don’t see. Everything is of God.

            Then take that Rainbow of Light, that Brilliance, and let it lead you out of this cosmic material world, and beyond, to a realm of pure brilliant light where nothing is finite. There you will find a very real Being whom you can interact with on a personal level when your soul is also brilliant and gloriously pure.

            Until then, you can approach Divinity in a number of ways: you can talk to God/Goddess within, honour God’s Creation, sing of the glories of God, worship His/Her existence, set up an altar to focus your attention, study the word of God, talk to and join others who have established a community around God, celebrate the various times that God has walked among His/Her created beings, and meditate on the names of God and the faces He/She has shown to the peoples and creatures of the earth.

            God is the Gold at the end of the rainbow which joins this world to the next. And just like Gold, we can never ever replicate His work, His form or His Creation. We can only stand back in awe and reverence.

            God is a very real person. To think of Him as anything less, trivializes His importance.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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One Response to Approaching Divinity

  1. I’ve never understood how anyone could believe God was not anything but what he is, a divine being who loves all of his creations. The love he bestows on the tiniest creation is apparent in everything if people would simply take the time to think about it. He made sure we have everything we need to survive on this planet. I believe it is the Holy Spirit that is the power and that is what God used to create. I can’t help but think He is all powerful and can harness the powers of nature, such as lightning and use it to create instead of destroy. Greed and power of humans is what corrupts this earth. God created it perfect, man is killing it.

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