Loving From the Heart


           One of the most difficult things for any person to do, in this world of wounded souls, is to love from the heart. There is so much damage being done daily to every individual’s psyche that it may seem almost impossible to keep oneself clear from the pain being inflicted. We are truly a ‘wounded world’.

            Why is this? Why are there so many “slings and arrows” as Shakespeare would say?

            As the ability to communicate improves exponentially by the minute, the ability to injure another individual is carried along on its coat-tails. On any given day, you can ‘tweet’, ‘facebook’, or ‘email’ daggers through cyberspace and direct these at people, groups, or even whole countries. Plus the media also often feels it is their right to offend and criticize.

            As insults are sent out, the words and the energy wrapped around them create real impact, having physical, mental and emotional results. And while the receiver may deny any actual ramifications, after awhile the damage is done.

            The more we armour up to survive damaging words, the more our own hearts become hardened, and the end result is our own ability to love and give out kindness becomes more and more impaired.

            Just like the injured battle veteran’s body builds scar tissue over old wounds, the heart of the emotionally wounded warrior becomes covered and buried.

            There are those who refer to this as “footprints on the heart”: a very appropriate description. These footprints, or injuries and burdens, keep the damaged soul from not only feeling pain, but also giving love. One literally develops a hardened heart.

            So what can one do?

            The long way is to go to psychologists, therapists, healers, etc. and unburden the pain, one gory detail at a time—if you can remember them all—until there is nothing left and freedom is achieved. But this can take many, many years; perhaps as long a time as it took to receive the wounds. And the individual involved may not be around long enough to totally unburden their soul.

            So, the short quick way is the one to seek. And this is? God. The Godhead…in whatever way you perceive a benevolent, all powerful Creator.

            God is within. God is without. God is everywhere and in everything.

            Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Turn off the world. Be still. Be silent.

            Visualize yourself sitting on the top of a hill. Visualize God/Goddess nearby. See Him/Her direct a pink coloured breath from Their heart and blow it out Their mouth in your direction. Feel that breath begin to move into you and through you. See it as a pink breeze.

            See your heart within, piled up with all sorts of burdens and baggage. See these as coloured rocks and leaves. Now visualize the ‘Breath of God’ blowing those obstructions off your heart and far away into nothing, until only your revealed heart remains, clear and pure, young and vibrant and full of energy and vitality.

            Now, allow yourself to imagine someone, whom you truly wish to love, sitting near you.

            Open your mouth and blow toward them, just like God /Goddess did toward you. While the breath seems to be coming out of your mouth, it is in fact coming from your heart. Visualize a vibrant pink energy coming directly from your heart to theirs. Now allow yourself to relax and just let the love flow.

            The next time someone slings an ‘arrow’ at you, deflect it with a ‘breath of love’ and then continue to blow that love toward them until they, too, can feel themselves being lightened of their burdens.

            God is within every living being as Paramatma/Supersoul or Holy Spirit, and because of that, everyone has the ability to clean another’s heart of burdens, by blowing the healing, loving ‘breath of God’ into the other. And everyone has the ability to have their own hearts remain completely scar-free by allowing the internal breath of God to blow healing love throughout themselves.

            Let go and let God.

            A feather cannot land as long as there is loft beneath it. Use the healing breath of God’s love to keep yourself safe and free, and then use it to send back healing to the poor damaged soul who felt it necessary to inflict their own burdens and pain upon you.

            God loves all His children; everyone, both great and small. Be gentle with each other. Be gentle with yourself.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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One Response to Loving From the Heart

  1. What a wonderful and wise post. Love can and does help us cope with daily living, even when those around us aren’t so loving. Like you said, and I agree, It is really up to each of us to spread that love to others, even when they have hurt us. It’s not always easy but with God’s help we can prevail. Thank you for the reminder.

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