The Key to a Stalwart Home


           As the sun rises each morning and then sets each night, another day is counted in the journey of a man. Being a human is not an easy task. Being any living creature on a planet filled with violence and corruption is never easy, but with the human being comes the desire to conquer and dominate, characteristics implanted by the Creator to inspire leadership in the world, and so frustration is also thrown in the mix when feelings of powerlessness are more likely the norm.

            Just like most animals have a nest, so does Man. The nests of the average human look nothing like those of birds and wolves, but they are every bit as necessary for survival.

            While the wolf cub learns that he or she is part of a pack, a tribe that will protect him and keep him safe when he is young and then expect the same thing from him when he is an adult, the young humans of this world do not seem to be so informed and inspired.

            With the supposedly more advanced consciousness of the human, has come a state of confusion in many homes, and unity of the pack seems non-existent.

            To raise a young member of a human tribe in a place where fighting occurs daily and nurturing is virtually non-existent is going to breed a dysfunctional, insecure and confused individual.

            The animal kingdom has no such sense of misunderstanding within their communities. Whether the ant, lion, elephant or wolf, all know to protect and nurture their young, to adopt the orphan and treat them as their own, to stand united when confronted with an aggressor to protect their tribe and home and, they even know instinctively that sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice one of their own to save a member of the herd or the herd itself.


            But too often the human being seems to have no such sense of loyalty. The human of the modern world, often wishes to stand alone and dominate to the detriment of home, family, community and planet. It makes one wonder why. What is going on?

            The world is full of distractions, both material and non-material. These distractions have disturbed the family unit on multiple levels from the warrior/prime protector/father to the maternal leader/nurturer/mother, right down to the youngest members of the family. Fathers who should be striving to provide for and defend their tribe are being led astray by infidelity, intoxicants and the tantalizations of the bachelor life. Mothers are being forced to work in order to merely survive. Other mothers are caught up by the same lures as the men of the world, losing their focus to drugs, alcohol, sex and the idea of being completely free. And the children, they are often left to fend for themselves.

            Since the dawn of time, families have found themselves in these kinds of situations. Some survive and some are completely destroyed. The reason for this has nothing to do with the severity of the obstacles they faced or the temptations thrown their way. The reason for their survival has everything to do with loyalty: loyalty to God and loyalty to each other.

            The wolf is loyal to the pack until its death. The young are taught exactly how to behave and how to protect their den/home from predators. The human—not so much.


            What can the human learn from the wolf?

            A wolf cub is taught never to defecate near or in its own den in case predators track it back, destroy the home and kill everyone they find there. Now let’s use this example in relation to human beings. And perhaps we won’t talk about bathrooms here. Perhaps we can take this particular action and use it as a metaphor for something else.

            In most homes today, the young human drops his or her garbage, both physical and verbal, everywhere, thus bringing their excrement home. The average young human sees no reason to pick up after themselves—often assuming an elder will do it. They see no reason to clean up their mess, language, behaviour or keep their actions clean and neat and respectful, because they have been taught there are no ramifications for their behaviour.

            The wolf cub would be heartily reprimanded by any and all members of the pack, but the human child—nothing, or certainly nothing effective. They will not be cast out to save the den as the wolf cub may very well be, if he doesn’t get the point. But wolves are much smarter in that they ‘get the point’ usually after only one or two disciplines from an elder.

            The human child, with no sense of loyalty to the family unit, will continue to cause chaos and destruction until almost all is lost. And what is even more sad, is that their chaos may not even be noticed if the elders of the family are behaving in a similar fashion.


            How does one prevent this?

            Loyalty to God must always come first—just as the wolf cub is taught loyalty to its pack’s instincts, rules set down by God when it was created—and then loyalty to each other must be imperative. When the elders of a family turn their hearts and minds to the Source of All Life and learn to listen and then obey, their homefront will become a peaceful sanctuary for all. God’s true and honest instruction from their hearts can only fill their homes with love and safety—not fanaticism and chaos.

            Just as a clean house is a Godly house, a clean heart is a Godly heart, and so the youth of the tribe must be taught to keep their hearts and minds free from chaos, distraction and filth.

            How does one fix a broken home?

            All it takes is one, one member of the tribe coming to the realization of what is truth and goodness, and love and light can fill a home.

            The first and most important step is cleanliness and order. The home, just like the heart, must be cleaned. The cleaning of the home requires elbow grease, time and diligence and daily habitual tending. The cleaning of the heart requires the same.

            When the home and heart are clean, then prayer that seeks to spread light and love throughout the dwelling can begin to work, and eventually changes will be felt within the building that is the house, as well as the unit which is the home and tribe.

            But just like the wolf who will not learn cannot be allowed to remain if the tribe is put at risk because of their behaviour or carelessness, the same must be true of the human animal until it learns and changes. Until then, no risk can be taken, for the ways of darkness are devious and dangerous to the survival of the whole.

            As the young wolf learns loyalty to the pack, and is taught the rules to preserve and protect its family and den, so must all humans learn the same loyalty, whether at the level of the single family, or at the greater cosmic level of the human race.


            Loyalty to God, hearth and home, and to the tribe, is the key.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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3 Responses to The Key to a Stalwart Home

  1. Zara says:

    Thank you Ben, your words confirmed and reassured me in what I have just done in my family. Tough love is the hardest and biggest lesson that I am learning. Love of God, my family and my tribe. God’s love for me and my love for my family. Wow, I feel this post was written especially for me.

  2. I so agree that many of today’s families are fractured and it seems to be getting worse all the time.

    • V.L.M. says:

      Yes, it’s so sad. We live in a tormented disfunctional world of people who seem to enjoy throwing away form and function and then they can’t understand why chaos is the result. But there is always a way to the Light. 💞🙏

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