Proverbs For A New Day: Twelve to Fifteen


Proverbs For A New Day: XII

All of Divinity is active in you if you will just let it reign supreme. Open your heart to God’s Consciousness and release the burden of control from you to God. In that moment comes relief. For the Lord is All in All.

Proverbs For A New Day: XIII

The Lord is All Powerful, All Loving, All Strength, All Truth. There is no need for you to cling to weakness. Attach yourself to the Power and Strength of Divinity. Feel Peace wash through you and fear wash away.

Proverbs For A New Day: XIV

You are the perfect creation of God. You are pure Spirit, the perfect Spiritual representative of God on Earth. Let Divinity shine through you. Open your heart and shine.

Proverbs For A New Day: XV

The power of healing and health are within the consciousness. They are Divinity within the mind of man. There is no room for anything but Divinity in your mind. Release dark thoughts and tune in to God. Open your mind to the healing Consciousness of the Divine. Be one with the Light.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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