As you reach for comfort, let your heart and mind wander to the feet of the Lord. Let your mind float into thought of the power of the Almighty. How insignificant are those who would oppose the Being who has created All that exists, everywhere. It is an illusion and impossible to believe that any lesser being could overcome the power of the Almighty.

            Man frequently contemplates that idea and likes to explore and play with the theme through movies, books and television. But these explorations are strictly fiction.

The idea that the most powerful Being of all time could be overridden by any creature is ludicrous. It is pure ‘fiction’.

            And so it is important to understand that the God of All, the Great God you follow, holds you in the protective grip of His Hand and will never let you go as long as you choose to remain safely there. For the choice is always yours.

            If you choose to mentally step out of His Hold, then you can go. But if you decide to stay and you do not entertain thoughts of the outside world as having any power over you, then your life cannot be anything but perfect.

            Deny the approach of anything untoward. Turn your back on it. Refuse to entertain any thoughts of its existence. Relax. Fear not. Be well. Understand safety. Safety is the guarantee of Almighty God.

            Fear not. God is with you. Always. No matter what illusion presents itself.

            Simply deny. Simply refuse to see outside God’s hands. Accept only wellness and strength, power, virtue, perfection of existence, the spirituality of life.

            Refuse to accept the mortality and materiality of life.

            Life is forever. Life is God. Life is Peace. Life is Love.





About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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