Proverbs For A New Day: Twenty-one to Twenty-five


Proverbs For A New Day: XXI-XXV

XXI: In the face of adversity, reach out to the one constant since the dawn of time. Reach out to God, Divinity, a clear and present source of all that is Love. Be not afraid. Be not stressed. Be still and awaken to the Peace of God.

XXII: For You are my source. You are my comfort in the night. I feel your presence in my waking and my sleeping. God is never-ending triumph over fear. Reach for the Lord. Lean into His Strength.

XXIII: Give unto the Lord your first thoughts of the morning. Tithe your mind and heart to the source of all that is Good and Wise and True, before you rise from your bed. Begin your day in communion with God.

XXIV: All that you are is God’s. All that you possess is God’s. There is nothing that is about you in love and joy that is not God’s. And so remember Him with laughter. Remember Him with songs and jubilation. Remember Him with time spent in meditation upon His goodness.

XXV: If all that can be seen were to spin out of control and seem to be lost in darkness, there would still be God. There would still be a Light shining far off in the distance, waiting to connect with the Light within your heart. Link your Light to God and build your roadway to Heaven.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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