Proverbs For A New Day: 61-65


Proverbs For A New Day: LXI – LXV

LXI: Spend time each day in consultation with the Lord. Unite your heart and mind in prayer with God. For the Holy Spirit longs to hear your voice, and feel your love for Him. Lock your consciousness with the mind of God.

LXII: It is during prayer that you will determine God’s plans for you. Prayer is conversation with God. Talk to the Lord. Reveal your mind. Be not afraid to speak with honesty, and be forthright. For the Lord knows your thoughts before you speak them. The Lord knows your heartbreaks and your joys. Speak your joys and sorrows to God. Offer Him the gift of your trust.

LXIII: All the world questions how to pray, but prayer is simply consultation and conversation with the Godhead. When you express your needs and desires, offer your love and gratitude, and praise the Blessings given to you by your Parents in Heaven, you open yourself to the wonder of God’s love. Be Blessed in prayer. Open your mind to the thoughts of God.

LXIV: I have waited upon You, my Lord. I have waited upon Your Words. I have yearned for Your answers, Your gifts of speech and guidance. Speak freely with the Lord. Speak His will. Understand His desires. Follow His precepts. Surrender to His lead. Be not afraid. Be of good cheer, for the Lord is your Shepherd.

LXV: At first rise of dawning, pray to the Lord. At noon, when the sun soars directly above the Earth, pray to the Lord. When day darkens into twilight, pray to the Lord. When the night sky disappears into inky blackness decorated with crystal lights, pray to the Lord. For the Lord watches your every waking moment and yearns for your conversation. The Lord is earnest with desire for you to share your life, your joys and sorrows, your fears and concerns, your needs, wants and especially your dreams. For God dreamed, and the Worlds and Universes came into being. God longs for you to let Him help to bring your dreams to life.





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