Proverbs For A New Day: 66 – 70


Proverbs For A New Day: LXVI – LXX

LXVI: When the dark wind blows across the plains, men’s hearts feel the shiver of fear ripple through them. Unless God is so large within their hearts they have only joy and strength occupying that space. Rejoice in the Lord and He will buffer the wind of darkness. Let Him be your armour.

LXVII: Blessed are they who stop, and sit, and listen for the voice of the Lord within their hearts. Blessed are they who listen to God’s instructions before they act. For theirs will always be the path of truth and sinlessness. They will be God’s true children.

LXVIII: For the Lord is my shepherd, my guide in times of trouble. He is my rock and my salvation. My protection from the cold. My voice of reason in times of trouble. Blessed be the Lord. Let me give Him all gratitude and all devotion. He is the God of my heart. The God of my soul.

LXIX: Joyful is the Lord when the children of God praise His name. Joyful is the Lord when the people of the world unite in His causes of Peace and Love. Joyful is the Lord when His beloved ones return to His embrace and return His love and Blessing. Joyful is the Lord when His people remember Him.

LXX: For we are His beloved children. Not lost forever. Not astray in darkness. Not wandering in an endless abyss. We are the children of our God, and His Love for us is real. He asks only that we praise His Holy Name. That we soak in His Blessing and favour. That we do not reject His affection, but open our hearts to His Love and caring. For He is our eternal Lord.





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