On Keeping One’s Word: Promises


            During the light of day, when all the world seems alive and vibrant, the soul of a man sees less reason to cry out in fear. Needs and wants are less overwhelming. Obstacles seem overcomable.

            Promises may drift away in the beams of the sunlight. Promises to friends, to self, even promises to God.

            It is easy to forget promises made in the distraction of sunlight and activity. When the music is vibrant and the dance contagious, a promise made—perhaps in haste—seems small and of little importance compared to the moment’s vivacity.

            But when darkness falls, and you are alone with your thoughts, the weight of a promise can crush your heart and take your breath away.

            A promise given, a handshake agreement, a word or two guaranteeing an act, these are all sacred oaths. They must never be forgotten or ignored.

            For we fracture our heart when we do not stand on our word. A promise broken is like the ground cracking beneath one’s feet. Foundations lost and crumbling. Sink holes consuming a moral and ethical code.

            Do not make light of a promise given. For it is a sacred trust linking two hearts and it must never be taken lightly.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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