Proverbs For a New Day: 76 to 80

Proverb LXXVI
Believe Me, for I Am your God. Believe Me, for I Am your salvation. Believe Me, for I Am your healing. I Am Love. I Am your deliverance. Believe Me.

Proverb LXXVII
If the song of God is faint in your ears, tune in more carefully. Silence the chatter and chaos around you. Tune in to the melodies of heaven. Hear the songs of the Angels in your soul’s ears. Hear the voices of the heavenly host praising the Lord for their salvation and yours. Join in their choruses. Sing to the Lord!

I shall speak to thee through the songs of the Angels. Listen to their voices, listen to the heavenly choirs as they echo the praises of all living creatures through the eons of time; through timelessness to the eternal. You are of the eternal world. Do not forget that. Seek the forever life. Practise now in the present, where time ticks around you like raindrops in a bowl. Do not be afraid, for the sound stops on the forever, not the finite.

Proverb LXXIX
Stop and listen! The Angels are singing. Great choruses of Angels sing out the glory of the Lord. In the heavens, there are Angels who never stop praising and glorifying God. All day long, they sing and shout, “Alleluia to The Lord!”
But what of mankind? What of men? How quiet are their voices. How meagre is their praise. Man has forgotten his Creator lives, and continues to create more and more possibilities in the lives of all beings.
Let us join with the Angels. Let us shout out our praises to God! Let us remember Him with our loving songs and praise. For He is our Forever Loving Lord!

Proverb LXXX
The glory of the Lord will shine upon you and bring light into the darkness of the world when all the Children of God unite and praise the name of the Lord. Let praise be on our lips. Let praise be in our eyes. Let praise and thanksgiving be the joy of each new day. Praise the Lord!



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