Let’s Get Spiritual


Let’s Get Spiritual!

As much as some of us would like to deny the fact, we all need a little spirituality in our lives.
All living creatures are composed of several layers of life. We are spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The physical layer is the last layer of our existence.
The ancient Vedic texts tell us we are achinta beda beda tattva, which means we are “simultaneously one and different.”
Hmmm…. What does that mean?

Well, it’s all physics, actually.
The Godhead is everything. All of creation and all living beings reside within the Godhead. We are part and parcel of the Ultimate, created from the Ultimate Source, but separate from It. We live off It and we are connected to It. We are One with It.

Let’s think of the Godhead as the Big Cheese, as I like to say, or as the Vedic texts term— the Bhagavan. We can visualize an Entity that is distinct and separate; a Creator who is a real, living being, separate and complete and distinguishable from all other things. A person.
That’s God.

Now, let’s imagine God, Bhagavan, decides to create. So Bhagavan imagines life in other forms and sends out thoughts, almost like us dreaming, which create other things. That would be a ‘creative energy flow’ which is part of the Bhagavan, but not all of It.

Now we know that life comes from life. For example, when my mother and father got together physically, they were able to create me, physically. So that means if Bhagavan wants to create, It must act like both male and female to do that. So Bhagavan, a single entity, must use both its female and male aspects to create. So One must become or behave like Two, thus becoming, a Godhead, rather than just a God. So the Godhead, is male and female. As the Bible says in Genesis when it talks about making Mankind in its image, both male and female.

So the creative energy comes from the Godhead, an active Entity which is using two sexual aspects to create. That is the Brahman energy. It flows like the sunshine from the sun itself, allowing life to be created wherever it goes. So the Brahman energy is an energy of creativity and it is what we are made up of, as are all the planets, and the birds, the insects, the aquatics, and the animals, every living thing. So we are One. We are achinta beda beda tattva—simultaneously One but different.

Let’s get back to physics. We are told in basic physics that everything is composed of moving particles; nothing is still, everything around us is actually not really solid, though it seems like that. It all has to do with speed.

Let’s visualize the idea of the Brahman energy of God being aimed toward a specific creative task. God wants to create a human being, or a cow, or an ant—all are done the same way.
So the Brahman energy is aimed, the pattern is in place, and the energy is applied. Then it is slowed down to a certain speed until it can be perceived materially i.e. physically. Everything is created that’s way. Actually we create our own lives around, behind and in front of us, the same way.
First: thought
Second: format
Third: action of energy
Fourth: creation of materiality
Or as Ben says, “The Energy of thought Creates.”
He finishes that with “Remove the Energy of thought and there is no Creation. This works for both negative and positive things.”
Something to contemplate if you wish to change your life.

It’s important to remember here that a life form has multiple layers as we mentioned before, so the Brahman energy first must break a spark off of Itself to form our spiritual core or Soul. Then it slows down its molecular speed a little to form our mental layer, then a little more to form our emotional layer and then finally a little more to form our physical layer. All of these are wrapped around our Soul.

Now once the creation has been created, it needs to spark into life. The Bible says in Genesis that God took clay and formed the shape of a man—so He did what we said above, slowing down the Brahman energy into a pliable form—a clay or ‘malleable substance’—and then He breathed the breath of life into him, and man became a living being. So, God breathes Prana or Living Air into us, and we become alive. Then the Godhead, puts a little replica of Itself into our hearts, right beside our Soul—or eternal spiritual spark—and leaves it there with us to go on our spiritual journey as a Watcher and Advisor.

When our physical body dies, our eternal living soul (or atma) and our Watcher (Supersoul or Paramatma) leave together and move on to a different physicality. This continues until we reach a level of advancement that allows us to go back to our Source, the Godhead, where we retain our form and get to hang out with the Big Cheese. So, our Spiritual aspect is everything. Without it, we are nothing.

So, it’s time to start thinking of yourself as a Spiritual Being, first, and a Material being, second.
In this New Year, take time to connect with your Supersoul. Seek wisdom and get in touch with your Watcher. Start talking to your own personal aspect of God who is tucked inside your own heart. Your Personal God is there waiting for you. The Wisdom of the Godhead is inside you, ready to be tapped into. Everything you ever wanted to know is inside the Library of your Heart.
It’s time to get a Heart Library Card and connect with God.
Let’s get spiritual!

Sister Abhidheya


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