Proverbs For A New Day: 51 – 55


Proverbs For A New Day: LI – LV

LI: The day has not yet come, nor will it ever, when God will not be available to meet the needs of Mankind. But trusting in the Lord must be a priority if you are to reap the reward of His Love. For when your head turns away from Grace, your heart will only feel vacant. Trust in God for His goodness and compassion.

LII: How can there be anything but joy in one’s heart at the thought of such loving parents, Holy Mother and Father of All, who care without a moment’s hesitation, who reach out to embrace their most beloved children. Do not turn away from the Godhead. Love Them with all your heart and you will feel Their love.

LIII: Do not embroil yourself in the affairs of the angry, for their anger can spread like dust in a wind storm, covering all and clouding the sky. There is danger of blindness when anger fills the air for it can confuse and blind even the most stable soul unless great care is taken.

LIV: Take to the streets and sing the praises of the Lord. Be not afraid of rebuke or censure. Much favour will be gained from the Godhead if your sing Their praises and dance with joy before Them. Aim the love of your heart at your Creators. Let your joy sing Their praises.

LV: Speak only the words of God. Let the voice of God from your heart, strengthen and guide you in all things. Be not afraid. Be not ill at ease. Relax in the Love of the Lord. Relax into His care.


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Proverbs For A New Day: 46 – 50


Proverbs For A New Day: XLVI – L

XLVI: If ever the darkness shall blow through you, like a cold and bitter wind, be strong. It is essential you command it to leave you. For hesitation may bring a myriad of things, both unwanted and unkind. Take control of the dark wind and send it on its way.

XLVII: You who feel love as natural as the sunlight of midday, strive to keep it moving. Share it always. Do not hold love nor hide it. Release its power and light to the world. Be a beacon for all those with whom you interact everyday of your life. Be a light in the darkness of their day.

XLVIII: So far as the mountains are high, so far as the sun is from the earth—so far is the Blessing of God from those who choose the path of darkness. Do not curse, neither man nor beast. Do not judge, for unless you were born as the Lord, perfection will be a sought after dream. Simply allow, and try, and give love in all things, even to the end.

XLIX: The Lord is your salvation. Remember the Lord. The Lord is your strength. Remember to thank the Lord. God is your only right hand when a hand is needed. Lean into the voice of God in your heart. Seek His counsel. Learn His ways. Give Him back the love He so easily gives to you.

L: And when your life is over, and your days counted and done, the Love you have shown to each other and given to the Lord, will be as golden treasure. For the Lord’s heart opens with a finger touch of remembrance and showers abundance upon those who heed His Words.



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Proverbs For A New Day: Forty-One to Forty-Five


Proverbs For A New Day: XLI – XLV

XLI: You shall know the Lord by His gentle touch upon your heart. You shall know Him by His compassion. And will you be His child? Will you, too, demonstrate the Power of Love by channeling His Grace? Be the Instrument of God everyday. Walk His Love.

XLII: Let the Heart of the Almighty shine through you. Let His Light guide your way. Do not despair in times of trouble. Retreat to a place of quiet and consult with God. Hold your ear to His instructions. Let His Truths be as a Lighthouse to your ship.

XLIII: Be not vain of man’s solutions in times of trouble. But consult with the Lord. God has many methods and many pathways to His Blessing. Stay the course. Listen and obey.

XLIV: The transformation of a heart can come as slowly as a turtle’s journey, or as quickly as a slicing blade. Listen to the Master. Align yourself with God’s Word and it shall be as if tomorrow is today.

XLV: How much are you loved by God? More than all the stars in the heavens. More than all the drops of water in all the oceans of the world. God loves you as His only child. He loves you as strong as love can be. For you are His tomorrow. You are His forever friend. Do not let Him down. Stand up and be worthy of that Love.


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One of the most challenging fruits or virtues of the spirit is patience, or longsuffering as the ancients called it. The virtue of patience is one of the most vulnerable characteristics of any human being.

Perhaps in order to learn this tactic, one should consider the average home’s domestic pet, the dog.

A dog will sit and wait without flinching or succumbing to any distraction when he has decided that a particular thing is desired. He will also sit and wait for his beloved master or mistress to return to him for great lengths of time. And even after death, dogs are known to lie on the graves of their human companion, waiting patiently for their return.

If only a human could be like that. Whether promise of healing, prosperity, or love is involved, the average man or woman can barely tolerate a wait of seconds or minutes, let alone hours or days. It seems to be almost beyond the average individual’s abilities to simply trust, have faith and wait patiently for the results that have been promised.

The dog goes to the kitchen at precisely 9:00 a.m. expecting breakfast because that is when it is always served. If you are late, they are still there.


If you forget to give them an expected treat, they will simply stare at you and wait till you fulfill your part of the bargain.

Why can’t a human be like that in their partnership with God?

When health is promised, doubts arise in the human mind within seconds, to knock down that healing. When prosperity is promised and not received immediately, patience goes out the window and within hours or days the individual is once again full of fear and doubt.

And love? Most humans view themselves as unlovable, and so being accepting of love, and then patiently receiving it, may not ever be part of their expected picture.

So for the human to learn patience, they must learn to mimic the valued family dog who sits and waits, never doubting that their loved one will fulfill their needs.

Be patient like a dog. Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength. Wait upon the Lord and He will heal you. Wait upon the Lord and He will shower you with prosperity and Blessings.

Be patient. Wait upon the Lord.


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Proverbs For A New Day: Thirty-six to Forty


Proverbs For A New Day: XXXVI – XL

XXXVI: Healing of the heart thrusts off the hands of darknews and restores the salvaged soul to peace. In peace there is health, wholeness and redemption. Peace is God. God is Peace.

XXXVII: Fear not the ways of men, for they are troubled and tormented. Reach out and touch the ways of God, for His road is sturdy and His foundations strong.

XXXVIII: You are the child of the Living God. God knows exactly who you are, exactly what you need, and exactly what you fear. Cast all your fears onto the Lord. Let Him meet you needs. Let Him be your Saviour.

XXXIX: For the Lord is good. The Lord is kind and full of great love for all His children. Do not despair your worthiness, for you are as gold in value to God. You are as a diamond of a million facets: beautiful and gifted. Let your gifts shine like jewels. Reflect the Lord through your gifts.

XL: I am the Lord’s most perfect creation and I am deeply loved by God. The Lord is my song, my joy, my very breath. Let the love of God flow through you as a melody on the breeze. Let the breath of life flow through you as when given on the first day of all Creation. Remember the newness of opportunity with every beat of your heart.


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Proverbs For A New Day: 31-35


Proverbs For A New Day: XXXI – XXXV

XXXI: Search your heart and mind for the truth. Your salvation is in your finding. Virtue of the heart brings salvation for the soul and healing for the body. Be of good virtue and be in great peace.

XXXII: For the days of earth seem long and tiresome. They are but a drop in time. For when the sun descends on this life, its eternal spiritual counterpart, our God in Heaven, opens the dawn upon a new and everlasting day where night lives no more.

XXXIII: Time is but a fragment of true life and true being. Seek not to master time, seek to master truth. Link your heart to the Almighty and lean upon His eternal force. The force of life which never dies.

XXXIV: And the truth shall set you free from darkness and strife, from consternation and concern. The Lord is eternal life. The Lord is your eternal sunlight. Open your heart to the dawn of God’s Love.

XXXV: There pours a gentle sound from God, a gentle melody of peace trickling from the Heavens above and linking to the heart of Man. Seek to hear God’s melody in the breezes, in the scent of roses, in the sound of the song sparrow. Link your heart to God’s melody of life.


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The Energy of Thought

644594_606169142733158_1747415242_nThe Energy of Thought creates.

The Energy from Thought is Creation Energy.

Remove the Thought and you remove the Energy of Creation.

This applies to all things both good and bad.


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Proverbs For A New Day: 26-30


Proverbs For A New Day: XXVI – XXX


You know me Lord. Let me know You. Show me your ways, Oh Lord, that I may please You and Your loving ways may please me. Let us work together for the same goals. Seek the Lord as partner and friend. Seek the Lord as ally. For the Lord is a powerhouse of strength.


A wise man opens his heart to the Lord and follows the will of God. A wise man does not toil or strive but seeks the counsel of the Almighty and acts upon His instruction. For the way of God is the easier path. The way of God is the wisdom of the wise.


We are the perfect spiritual creation of God. We are perfect in every way. The Lord has used His Divine energy to create us in His image. We are the beauty of God. Love the Lord with all your heart and mind, for He has given you His mirror image as His own.


No one can know the Lord with his eyes. No one can know the Lord with his ears. No physical sense of a man can touch the essence of God. Open your heart and let the fellowship of the Holy Spirit become one with you. Let the light of God fully envelop your being. Become one with the Lord of Light.


Let not age of body come between you and the Lord. Remember the Lord though your days be many, and your body weary. Remember the Lord and praise His goodness and He will make your days as beautiful as the flowers in Heaven’s garden.


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Proverbs For A New Day: Twenty-one to Twenty-five


Proverbs For A New Day: XXI-XXV

XXI: In the face of adversity, reach out to the one constant since the dawn of time. Reach out to God, Divinity, a clear and present source of all that is Love. Be not afraid. Be not stressed. Be still and awaken to the Peace of God.

XXII: For You are my source. You are my comfort in the night. I feel your presence in my waking and my sleeping. God is never-ending triumph over fear. Reach for the Lord. Lean into His Strength.

XXIII: Give unto the Lord your first thoughts of the morning. Tithe your mind and heart to the source of all that is Good and Wise and True, before you rise from your bed. Begin your day in communion with God.

XXIV: All that you are is God’s. All that you possess is God’s. There is nothing that is about you in love and joy that is not God’s. And so remember Him with laughter. Remember Him with songs and jubilation. Remember Him with time spent in meditation upon His goodness.

XXV: If all that can be seen were to spin out of control and seem to be lost in darkness, there would still be God. There would still be a Light shining far off in the distance, waiting to connect with the Light within your heart. Link your Light to God and build your roadway to Heaven.


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Soothing The Troubled Mind


One of the most difficult things to do in modern times is keep one’s mind stable and calm. Just driving to the grocery store can put a person into a frazzled state of anxiety.

Most people by the end of their day, find themselves exhausted and stressed out, unable to soothe their troubled minds. Many reach for liquid alcohol refreshment that seemingly calms the nerves but may eventually bring a host of other problems.


Finding calmness and living an anxiety-free life can be directly linked to one’s attitude toward death.

As children and teenagers, it is not unusual to say these kinds of things: “If I fail that exam, I’ll die.” “If I don’t get that new bike, I’ll just die.” “If I don’t get to go to that university, I’ll die.” “If he doesn’t marry me, I’ll die.”

If you keep repeating that kind of thing, you subconsciously start to believe it. You get the picture.

As one grows older, somehow feelings of anxiety wrap themselves even tighter around the idea of a ‘death’ result—whether small or large, actual or symbolic—a sort of empty, black futureless entity. Death becomes the nightmare result of everything that stresses one out or causes fear. Failure causes a black hole to appear right in the road and sit solidly in one’s path.

If we can learn to take ‘death’ off the table, a lot of anxiety can disappear.

No, you most likely will not actually die if you fail your exams and even if your parents yell at you, or ground you, you still, most likely, will not die.

If you don’t get that new job you have set your heart on, you won’t die. Death is not usually the regular result of failure, not acquiring something or not achieving a goal.

No…disappointment is.

Ahh…disappointment: the wet blanket of the mind. The smothering darkness that can crush the heart and emotions.

Disappointment…not death.

So how does one learn to handle disappointment? By not hanging one’s hat so intently on the results of personal behaviour. The world is a changing, constantly morphing place and to expect eternality or the constant achievement of every desire, might be a bit too ambitious.

Success, prosperity and health—yes, if you are really doing what you are supposed to as a Child of God.

But achieving every little thing—no. This is where trust must come in. If one learns to trust that God always wants the best for His Children, and has an even better plan, job, bike, result etc. in place, then you can learn to walk through your life detached from the results of all your actions.

You can learn to not be disappointed when “at first you don’t succeed.”

So to calm the troubled mind, walk in detachment, and…don’t confuse disappointment and temporary lack of success with thoughts that the world is coming to an end.

Relax, detach, let go and let God. Trust that you will be cared for and God has a better plan.



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