Who Is Sister Abhidheya?


      Sister Abhidheya was born in the 1950’s into a home where the psychic world was commonplace. Her great-grandmother had been a medium and held séances in her living room every Sunday evening. Sister Abhidheya’s mother taught her about the faeries and the other worlds from an early age. She gave her books on dream interpretation and card reading when she was only seven. As she grew into a young woman, it was common for her to find herself in the back room at a party doing card readings for those she knew and those whom she had never met before.

As an empath, she felt the pain and sorrow of others and sought instruction on how to overcome some of the emotional and physical turmoil the gift sometimes caused. That led her to the world of Spiritualism and a three year program with the Spiritual Science Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sister Abhidheya could always see and hear dead people, whether she wanted to or not, and when younger, liked to look around the room at funerals and see who else was there. She has heard the voices of many from the other side, including those of her parents.

A health concern, a few years ago, catalyzed her into seeking that still, strong voice of God within for healing and to understand what had led to the problem.

In her search, she found God’s voice, clear and strong, patient and loving, and realized that was all she really needed for the rest of her life. It was God who suggested she use the name, a combination of the Vedic and Christian worlds, to enhance her vibrational energy under the influence of the Divine.

And so Sister Abhidheya was born again as a medium of transmission for the voice of the God within us all. She takes this job very seriously and hopes that all others will as well.


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  1. What a great site. I’ll have to visit often!

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